PVC Roof/Deck Installation in Warren, RI

This is a waterfront house in Warren, Rhode Island facing the bay.

The old rubber roof was failing, there were multiple leaks along seams and corners, plus the owner complained that it gets pretty hot in the dining room located below during the sunny days.

Both these issues were resolved by installing a single-ply 50-mill white IB membrane.

First of all old rubber and insulation were removed and the roof deck was inspected for rot damage. Because the homeowner addressed his leak issues in a timely manner no rot damage was found and no repairs were necessary.

We installed new ½ inch fanfold insulation and IB membrane on top of it. To properly flash the membrane to the walls 3 rows of siding were removed, the membrane was flashed 1 foot up to the wall and a few inches into the gap under the sliders.

After the siding was reinstalled and all the gaps sealed, the leaking problem was taken care of, as well as the dining room’s overheating, because the white membrane reflects about 90% of sunlight, thus making living areas under it much cooler.