PVC Flat Roof Installation in New Canaan, CT


This custom home, designed by regionally renowned architect Bimel Kehm in 1954*, has three separate roof sections with multiple layers and two different types of flat roofing materials, both of which were failing.

With Hurricane Sandy freshly in the rearview mirror, the homeowner knew that it was time to upgrade the failing roof systems for a more permanent solution.

We removed the existing two layers of tar-based roofing along with some unused venting that wasn’t in the plans for renovation. Skylights were added, the rot was replaced and a false wall was built at one of the perimeter edges to keep the architectural integrity of the original design.

A 3/8” insulation board was installed along with a pressure-treated perimeter wood nailer, followed by the installation of the perimeter edge metal. The edge metal is coated in PVC which allows us to bond the seams of the roof from edge to edge and create one large protective PVC blanket over virtually any flat or low-sloped roof.

With the old tar and gravel roof ponding water and the torch-down roofs losing their seasonal coatings each year, this home was ready for roof relief. The new PVC roofing membrane is not only warranted for ponding water but also there are no coatings or seam sealing needed. Once the seams are heated and melted together they become impenetrable and sealed for life. The white membrane is eligible for the 2013 tax credit up to $500, but the PVC comes in a handful of colors and thicknesses.

With the new 50 mil PVC roof system, this custom home is ready to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it for decades to come and will save the homeowners money in the long run by lowering energy costs and eliminating roofing expenditures for repairs and replacements for life.