Flat Roof PVC Membrane

Choosing a reliable roofing construction company is a guarantee of high-quality and efficient work. Installing a good home covering is just as important as providing stability, warmth, and comfort to your home or commercial building.

The specialists of our company have been working in the field of construction for more than 20 years, so we carry out any operation on installation, replacement, reconstruction, repair of housetops efficiently and quickly.

Our Service

Our flat roof experts will assess the scope of the work and provide a detailed plan to follow the contract with the client. We use modern PVC membrane material from the IB Roof Systems manufacturer. Swiss equipment that we exploit for installation and renovation works allows the membranes to be joined by hot welding. Each construction element has a tough film on top to protect the surface from weathering.

This contemporary raw material makes the covering of a house strong and durable. Additionally, a green area, solar panels, dance decks, and more can be added to such a surface. Our roofing company services are provided in Brookline, Newton, Concord, Salisbury, Salem, Northborough, Watertown, Norwood, Bedford, Lexington, Sudbury, Brighton, Allston, Chestnut Hill, Newburyport, Westwood, and other Massachusetts towns.

Eco-Friendly PVC Membrane Installation

Flat roofs are becoming very popular especially for high-rise buildings, and we have chosen the most modern material with a high level of safety, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Our roofing specialist will review the operation plan so that the team can proceed with the installation as early as possible.

Only certain construction contractors use such material because the manufacturer provides it only after training and obtaining a license. Not all local roofing companies in Massachusetts offer such material.

Our experts have the necessary certification, license and experience to install a housetop with PVC membrane for high or low buildings.

It’s a good choice for many reasons:

✔ Energy saving material;

✔ Long service life;

✔ The ability to add solar panels or recreation area;

✔ 30 years warranty for commercial buildings;

✔ Lifetime warranty for residential premises;

✔ Chemical resistance;

✔ Good resistance to wind and fire;

✔ Resistance to moisture and dampness.

Correct Installation

For this type of housetop to have durability, installation operation must be done correctly. Our experts have extensive experience to take into account all the nuances by building a flat roof. We install a specific type of insulation board to reduce heat loss. Our professional roofers use a hot air welder instead of a torch to seal all seams. PVC membranes will be installed under the adhesive to extend its lifetime and durability.

Optional Renovations

Unlike chemical bonding, hot welding eliminates the risk of seams joining and delamination. Our technology creates a tight connection of PVC membranes making the coating durable and reliable, especially in regions with a lot of rainfall and strong winds. Flat roof cost from professional roofers of our company is available, and we do our job efficiently to reduce the risk of premature repair or replacement.

Other Our Services

The range of our services is quite wide because it is important to please the client and perform any work on installing roofs. Our experienced contractors provide quality insulation, replacement of the house covering, gutter systems, etc. The prices of our services are affordable and we will provide a full estimate for free. Discuss your project with our manager to carry out any renovations and improvements — get a guaranteed result almost immediately with our dedicated team.

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