Tar Roofs

While thinking of commercial flat roofing, tar coating is the first thing coming to your mind. It is one of the oldest US solutions, and it is popular for a reason.

Tar coverings are reliable, rapidly installed, and versatile. That is why it is applicable and widespread since the 19th century.

We show how this technology developed since it first appeared. The ID Flat Roof corp has worked in this field for 21 years.

We provide modern flat roof installation for commercial and residential premises in Brookline, Newton, Norwood, and other areas of Massachusetts.

Our Services

We specialize in flat roof constructions and offer various services for them. Tarred housetop is one of the most frequently asked techniques. Homeowners think such cardboards are old-fashioned, but we approve that it is wrong. With our team’s help, your tarred roof will be both impressive and affordable. This material requires special attention in the installation process. It gets extremely hot so a lot of equipment is needed. Our roofers work in heat-resistant clothes, gloves, and protective face masks to avoid injuries.

Residential Tar Roofing

This coating is quite a rare choice for houses themselves. It doesn’t have all the necessary characteristics and lacks an aesthetic appearance. Instead, homeowners pick alternatives such as PVC membranes and metal shingles that we offer too. Flat roof tar is a better solution for garages and storehouses for instruments. It will fully protect equipment inside from rain, snow, and sudden temperature changes.

This coating was in usage for a long time, and here is why:

✔ Strong UV-rays protection;

✔ The cooler temperature in summer;

✔ Affordable price;

✔ Longevity.

Due to these advantages, it becomes a perfect choice for practical residential buildings. It is a common construction for MA, where the weather can change rapidly and affect materials.

Commercial Tar Roofing

A flat tar and gravel roof is more popular with commercial premises due to many factors. Installation takes a little time, and even a big surface can be covered in a few hours. With our roofers’ large experience,  it is not a big deal. After applying, tar doesn’t almost require special attention. It is durable and lasts for 30 years and more. Additionally, tar is highly fire-retardant. It eliminates the risks of fires and increases the safety level.

Our company provides tar roof installation for warehouses, shops, offices, and other kinds of buildings. According to your purposes and budget, you can choose a number of layers of material (from 3 to 5) and an additional layer of coverage for wind resistance and aesthetic look. With a proper level of knowledge, we eliminate the common risks for tar roofing.

Repair & Renovations

Time flies and even the most solid surface gets notably damaged physically. There is foot traffic, and necessary maintenance to perform. We do all these works and complete both maintaining and repairing works. Tar coating has difficulties in repair due to its construction. So, to remove leakages, all 3 to 5 layers should be remade. In case of serious damage, we implement patches and partly remake all layers of the roof.

Other Services To Take Into Account

Tar may not fit all owners’ purposes. If you want to replace it, we provide worthy alternatives. The main material we work with is a PVC membrane by IB Roof Systems. It is much lighter than tar, eco-friendly, and resistant to physical damage.

Here you can easily add solar panels, gardening, or a dance deck. IB Roof Systems sells its materials only to qualified and certified contractors. We went through their training and are ready to provide approved roofing services. Are you planning to improve your housetop? Call or fill a booking form to get a free quote.

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