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PVC Skylight Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Everyone dreams about a fully customized house for comfortable living. There are many modern solutions to transform any average building into the ideal place for family life.

Skylight installations are one of these helpful add-ons to provide more sunshine indoors. If searching for the optimal variant for your flat roof structure renovations, look closely at skylights.

We are an experienced local contractor specializing in building improvements, including a flat roof redesign. We can offer skylight constructional elements of any size and specifications and PVC membrane recovery of the existing housetop with high-grade single-ply polyester reinforced items.

idflatroof - General Contractor - Dennis Tchernov - Flat Roof Repair
IDFlatroof – General Contractor – Dennis Tchernov – Flat Roof Repair

This way, you can strengthen your housetop surface and install roof lights for improved natural illumination together with:

✔ Dancing decks;

Green-roof gardens;

PV solar panels, etc.

Your ideal house starts with our premium roofing services! Entrust your flat roof restoration and upgrades to the leading company in Massachusetts. We work throughout the MA state, so citizens from Concord, Dover, Norwood, Weston, Brookline, Boston, and other nearby areas can count on our immediate reaction to their orders.

Our Services

PVC Roof Installation

Our skillful roofing specialist team will come immediately to inspect the housetop surface and provide the most optimal constructional solutions for skylight installations and other improvements. We have more than 20 years of experience in the building industry. There is no complicated task we can’t handle. Speaking about skylights, our crew allows customers to choose the most suitable variant.

Compared with other roofing contractors, we keep track of the latest techniques and innovations for your exterior and interior. Our modern roofing services range includes several roof lights available to order at once. Select open skylight or even permanent skylight installation with blinds. You will be pleased with the best price-quality ratio. We consider every client’s desirable budget and provide affordable but, at the same time, approved and licensed services.

Roof-based installations that provide natural light to residential and commercial premises should be exceptionally qualitative.

If your skylight installation is high-grade, you will enjoy all the following benefits at once:

✔ Natural (renewable and organic) solar light.

✔ Improved ventilation indoors.

✔ Energy efficiency.

✔ Interior aesthetic appearance.

✔ Modern and neat exterior look.

Let’s look at each roof light variant that can complement your house. Commercial premises with working zones under the housetops require contemporary skylight solutions to make a convenient atmosphere for office workers with sufficient solar heating and illumination.

It is the same for residential buildings. Adding some natural light source there is better if your attic serves as the living zone. Our roofing specialist team will help you to design a one-of-a-kind installation. Contact us to get a free quote and discuss your project. Skylight is the best way to redo your rooftop and enjoy marvelous views at night. Additionally, this constructional element provides extra ventilation, which is great for New England regions with ever-changing weather all year.

Open Sky Light

This roof structure is notable for its open-close properties. The most significant advantage of open skylights is their broad functionality. This construction can be installed on any housetop surface. Even owners of houses with pitched roofs can enjoy this high-quality implementation.

Homeowners with low-pitched rooftops can count on the accessibility of open skylights for their premises. Some designers suggest using various skylight installations at once. For example, vented or open roof lights can be installed with permanent models with blinks to create a well-thought composition or hide some exterior imperfections.

Everything depends on your desires and technical requirements. For instance, open skylights are very popular for MA residents to make the attic room well-vented. That is why this model of skylight is often called vented roof light. It usually obtains the form of rectangular windows or vented constructional elements of another shape. The skylight of this type is opened and closed quickly.

Flat Roofing

That is why homeowners enjoy the full range of benefits for their interior and exterior:

✔ Improved ventilation.

✔ Window screening.

✔ An updated indoor and outdoor look of the building.

✔ More sunlight in the attic room.

✔ One more emergency exit in the house.

✔ Electronic control over the opening mechanism (installed optionally).

Our quality roofing services include open skylight installation. You can select any shape and color of your future constructional add-on for the flat or low-pitched rooftop. Complement your residential and commercial premises with contemporary roofing solutions. Ask our managers to schedule our roofing expert’s visit. We will undertake the surface inspection together with all necessary measurements and suggest the best variant individually for your house!

Vented SkyLight

PVC Membrane Installation

Vented skylight is one more popular rooftop installation in the USA. It is very comfortable to regulate ventilation modes. You can admire stars at night and breathe fresh air in the morning through the opened vented skylight.

This model’s main feature is providing enough fresh air to your premises. Nevertheless, many installations with anti-foot properties are similar to highly resistant loads as permanent roof light solutions.

Our specialists will gladly help you with recommendations on the best-vented skylight model for your premises. We will undertake necessary inspections to determine the constructional element’s most optimal shape and size. It should perform well if you install the vented skylight for humidity regulation and a suitable microclimate indoors.

This model is not lacking in advantages:

✔ Opportunity to go from air conditioning to the natural way of ventilation.

✔ A fantastic solution against moisture and mildew development in the attic rooms.

✔ A cross-functional installation that provides an attractive look to your building.

Count on our professional roofing services. Remember that besides the vented skylight installations, we can assist you with another rooftop remodeling. For example, you can improve your roof with PVC membranes (PVC flat rooftop) and increase its load-resistance properties. Arrange a dancing deck or a small housetop garden in your residence! Call our managers to discuss all the details of your order!

Permanent SkyLight with Blinks

If you are not aiming to improve your microclimate indoors with the help of roof lights, it is better to take a closer look at permanent skylights with blinks. Our premium roofing service provider offers the most modern models to choose from. But first, let’s revise the most necessary benefits of this rooftop constructional element. The permanent skylight is the optimal solution for high-ceiling housetops. It will provide enough solar light to the attic room but lacks open-close properties. Homeowners with high ceilings will be pleased with such a roof-based window screening that doesn’t open indoors and outdoors.

But the key benefit of such an exterior add-on is its resistance to high weight. Combined with PVC-membrane roofing, it is the best option for your flat roof that can transform into a dancing deck or rest area on the very top of the building. We are one of the most trustworthy local roofing companies near me that can provide a full range of services. You can opt for the restoration arrangements and improvements of your existing housetop.

Roof top decking, deck rooftop, decksheld

Be open to experiments and absolute comfort! We offer unlimited capabilities for your exterior and interior transformations. Our dedicated consultants do all estimations for free. Call us now or leave a request online.

Please call +1 (617) 299-0291 for a FREE phone consultation or Request an Estimate Today

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