Aluminum Shingles Roof

Many modern people choose more lightweight and stronger roofing materials. They select different types of durable and weather-resistant rooftops, such as aluminum shields. Only the best metal roofing company could make such an installation taking into account all the details of such work. Our verified contractor provides a detailed plan to assess the operation scope and not miss the various points.

If you need the installation of aluminum shingles, then we help you get this by studying in detail the features of a private or commercial building covering.

Our crew of experts provides quality roofing services in Brookline, Weston, Dedham, Newton, Salem, Watertown, Concord, Salisbury, Needham, Wellesley, Rosendale, Norwood, Bedford, Allston, Newburyport, Lexington, Sharon, Quincy, Sudbury, Boston, Northborough, Brighton, and other Massachusetts locations.

Our Service

Our specialists operate with different materials for covering roofs of houses, balconies, verandas, and various annexes.

We have over 20 years of experience to provide the customer with reliable, durable, and long-lived housetops with a lifetime warranty.

Our affordable roofing company uses a variety of covering materials: metal, asphalt, plastic, rubber, modern PVC membranes, and advanced deckshield.

Aluminum Shingles Installation

Our experienced metal roofers take into account many details to complete the mounting of such a covering operatively and efficiently. First, our crew of experts correctly calculates the grating shape and fixes it.

To create an airtight effect, our specialists use a folding technique. Such a process is rather complicated, but our high professionalism allows doing this without any particular difficulties.

Aluminum shingles can be bent only once, so it is important to make an exact calculation for attaching them to the grating. This material allows making covering on any rooftop type: bent shape, dome, cone-shaped kind, decorative facade elements, and more. Design imagination can be varied — our modern roofing company could also make any painting.

The advantages of aluminum shingles are following:

✔ Durability;

✔ Fire resistance;

✔ Eco-friendliness;

✔ Simple maintenance;

✔ Parts are easy to replace;

✔ Snow does not stagnate;

✔ Anti-corrosion properties;

✔ Resistant to sunlight.

Maintenance and Repairs

Aluminum shingles rooftop requires almost no special maintenance. It is resistant to damage because of bad weather conditions. Also, such a covering will not hold snow, such as wooden roofs. The snow will slide down without forming ice stasis. This material is not destroyed and its protective layer will not be disturbed by direct sunlight. Also, such shingles are very easy to change if there would be any defects.

Other Our Services

In addition to installation, renovation, remodeling, and painting metal roofs, our prof experts also operate with flat rooftops. We work with a certified material that has strength and durability — PVC membranes. It is an excellent choice for private and commercial buildings, our team gives a lifetime warranty for such rooftops.

If you choose an alternative housetop covering such as PVC membranes, we can install solar panels, dance decks, and green roofs over such a coating. If you need a reliable rooftop contractor in MA, then we guarantee the high-quality performance of all terms of the contract.

Call our roofing specialist if you need an experienced crew for insulation works, gutters, repair of certain elements of house coverings, roof renovations of commercial buildings, etc. Our goal is to make your home warmer, more environmentally friendly, and more reliable, so we do our job with high quality and give a lifetime warranty.

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