TPO Roofing in Massachusetts: Qualified Flat Roof Experts

Nowadays there are numerous modern ways of roof installation to choose from. Everyone is searching for energy-saving and durable material for the rooftop at an affordable price. One of the most popular roofing services for commercial premises in New England is TPO installation. Single-ply membranes are used to cover residential housetops as well.

Why Particularly Us?

We make a specialty out of installation and repair works of the single-ply membrane roofs of any size and complexity. You can count on our comprehensive approach to your project when it comes to certified roofing services including other types of housetop covering like EPDM system and PVC-membrane renovations.

TPO is a durable material made of single-ply membranes. These rubber sheets are fastened or adhered chemically on the commercial housetops more often. But if you are interested in this roofing option for your residence, we can recommend the best design and TPO type. Contact our managers to discuss your order. We will form a free estimation and come to the site for inspection of the roof surface.

TPO Roofing Service We Provide

Single-ply membrane roofs have become more and more popular in the modern market. Especially, when it comes to renovations of commercial premises. TPO material for roofs is a single layer of synthetics with the addition of reinforcing scrim. It is worth mentioning that there are roofing sheets of different widths. Our installers work with single-ply membranes of 20, 12, 20 feet wide.

The flat roof experts of our company roll up sheets of the necessary width and bring them to the commercial site where the installation is going to take place. The notable feature of the TPO roofs that is liked by thousands of Massachusetts customers is their capability to reflect UV rays. Thus, single-ply membranes are considered the best material for the creation of natural reflective housetop surfaces.

TPO Roof Installation Process

We do not use glue or nails for installation. TPO roof is made of single-ply membranes that are attached in a seamless way with the help of the hot-welding technique. No water and air leaks will disturb you even during the heaviest rainfalls and snowfalls with severe winds. The rubber roofing membrane installation requires cleaning and accurate preparation of the existing roof for the process. Our specialists are ready to install any type of TPO material according to the customers’ needs and budget facilities. Among available variants for commercial premises are:

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO);
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM).

It is worth noting that EPDM roofing installation is more popular among average homeowners. When TPO housetops are the mainstream of the 21st century for commercial objects. We perform the best roofing service in Ma and specialize in the installation of EPDM and TPO roofs at once. You can ask our certified roofing experts to add insulation and improve the energy-saving properties of your new housetop.

How Much Is to Install TPO Roof in MA?

Our pricing policy is affordable for both average American families and big corporations with bulk orders. We install single-ply membrane roofs for $3.5-$7 per square foot. The final cost can vary if the customer asks our team about supplementary options like gutter system installation or insulation.

Our local flat roof experts are ready to assist you with the replacement, repair, or installation of a new TP roof. You will stay pleased with the improved heat-saving properties of your new housetop for sure. We guarantee a timely and highly professional final result. Enjoy an attractive look of your house and convenience indoors with TPO roofs installed by our dedicated team of specialists!

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