Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofs made of solid and load-resistant shingles are very popular among American homeowners. Especially, when it comes to flat housetops or low-pitched ones because they can be transformed into walking zones and rest areas. But for this purpose, it is necessary to reinforce the rooftop to improve its impact-resistant properties. Our company offers various asphalt flat roof installation and renovation services.

Our Services

Speaking about asphalt flat roof renovations, our dedicated team offers installation of any type of shingles. Modern manufacturers produce very durable materials that are suitable for covering both residential and commercial premises. Asphalt roofs are resistant to hail damages that are possible in the New England regions.

Our roofers will install a new asphalt housetop or repair your existing one to make your building energy-efficient and well-protected.

Preparation Works

Our specialists are here to bring your remodeling vision to reality. Asphalt flat roof installation will not take much time and will not cost too much.

In comparison with other roofing companies in Massachusetts, our company obtains affordable prices.

The average cost of flat roof replacement and restoration can be provided by our managers. Call our consultants to get a free quote and find out more about our reasonable pricing formation!

Asphalt Shingle Installation

We always start with preparation for the installation scope of works. Our roofing specialist will inspect the surface and do every needful measurement procedure. Then, the professional crew of roofers is going to undertake the installation of any type of shingles. The most popular asphalt roofing materials in MA regions including such towns as Brookline, Boston, Norwood, Sharon, and other areas are:

✔ Laminated shingles – they are considered luxury ones because of their high price and heavy-weighting properties. These shingles have a very attractive look due to their lamination.

✔ Dimensional shingles – the average roofing material in New England. If you are searching for budget-friendly shingles, pay attention to these asphalt sheets that can be replicated as wooden housetop surfaces.

✔ Strip shingles – the basics of the asphalt roofing materials. These shingles obtain minimalistic design and are produced in calm colors as usual. This material is not so durable and load-resistant as the previous two ones.

It is worth noting that we always take into account customers’ requirements and desires. Our experts can only recommend something new to cope with annoying challenges and solve any problem with constructional elements efficiently. Everything depends on the clients’ demands. Together with asphalt-shingle rooftop installation, our certified roofing contractor offers roof replacement, repairs, and other renovation services. If necessary, our roofers will come immediately for emergency or time-urgent restorations.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Recovering

If you are interested in traditional redoing or installing asphalt shingles, our reliable local contractor is always at your disposal. For more advanced exterior improvement options, we can recommend PVC membranes that fix and strengthen even leaking existing rooftops. Our company is an official representative of the IB Roof System material contractor.

You can opt for the most qualitative premium roofing items to complement your asphalt flat roof with repair in a new perspective. Explore innovative solutions with us! PVC membranes that are used for asphalt flat roof redoing allow us to complement your housetop with dancing decks, gardens, PV panels optionally. Call our managers to place the order or ask more questions about your project.

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