Green Roofing

If you dream of an eco-friendly house, then a green roof will be one of the best indicators of your preference for a sustainable lifestyle. This type of housetop absorbs heat from the sun and CO2. Also, the green covering of your home soaks more water (almost 70%).

Another advantage of such a housetop is a certain level of thermal insulation (to cool the building during hot periods). Undoubtedly, the best flat roof covering is a green type and its price fully corresponds to the huge advantages of such an exterior solution.

Our Service

Our roofing construction company carries out a quality greened-roof installation for a private house or commercial building. For the base, we use modern materials and the latest equipment. Our experts prepare a detailed work plan and provide the client with a complete cost estimate. If you want to get an environmentally friendly and reliable roof with a high level of thermal insulation, then make a call to our company.

Our proven roofing contractor performs operational installation of green roofs based on special PVC membranes. It is a lightweight and energy-efficient material from IB Roof Systems. Our crew has been trained to obtain the necessary certificates and licenses. Our approved service differs from other flat roof specialists by extensive experience (over 20 years).

We install a flat roof and add certain covering in Northborough, Newton, Watertown, Needham, Wellesley, Sudbury, Wolf, Quincy, Bedford, Lexington, Concord, Westwood, Dedham, Rosendale, Norwood, Sharon, and other Massachusetts locations.

Inspection of the Mounting Features

Our local certified roofing company offers green housetop covering because it is very profitable. We provide a lifetime warranty for flat roofs with this addition. Your energy savings might be significant, because such a roof may save you nearly $200,000 over 35-40 years.

Of course, the economic benefit depends on the following factors:

✔ Type of building;

✔ The geographical location of the house;

✔ Building design;

✔ Environment;

✔ A peculiarity of the climate.

Material Preparation & Installation Process

Our roofers carefully calculate the angle of inclination for installing a flat housetop as a base for a green covering. This indicator should not exceed 30°. Water accumulates on the fleece and prevents it from entering the membrane that is installed as a base.

The installation consists of collecting the roofing pie (in-layer installation). PVC membranes are installed on the surface and have waterproofing that prevents roots from growing into the mesh. Then a plant carpet (its parts) is laid. Excess water flows through the lower membrane into the drain. Over the green cover, you can apply a primer for growing certain types of plants. If the roof has a slight slope, then special grates are used to prevent it from being washed off.

Our flat roof experts install green covering on a house, garage, barn, etc. You can use such a housetop as a recreation area or add specific plants. There are special nurseries that breed plants and flowers for this soil. The green housetop could be used to grow garlic, dwarf irises, alpine wildflowers, and grass.

Other Services to Take into Account

Flat roofs with PVC membranes are a modern solution for contemporary eco-friendly buildings. Such a housetop can be complemented with solar panels, dance decks, and other add-ons as well. If you are looking for quality roofing services, then we offer our competent assistance because we have good experience, modern equipment, and the necessary skillset. Our specialists carry out any work on installation, repair, remodeling, etc. If you need insulation services, gutter, and downspout repairs or renovation, please contact our manager.

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