Please read the following Privacy Policy to understand clearly how we collect information about you, how we keep it and use it and protect it.

To start with, your privacy is really important for us. To add, we treat private information according to the US privacy law and information security standards.

What information do we collect?
  1. The contact information you give us directly while using online forms including your name, phone number, email, address.
  2. The information you give while registering or making purchases on our website – including your name, phone number, email, address, payment information, including debit/credit card and bank account information. We also store your login and passwords.
  3. The information you post or send to us while using online forms, emails or social media while contacting us, ordering services or communicating with our experts online.
  4. We (as well as third parties like advertising or internet providers or search engine automatic or analytics services) may collect and use other information about you including IP-address, version of your browser and technical information about your computer or mobile device, your online activities before and after you enter our website.
  5. We may use cookies and other technologies to collect information about your activities on our website (browsing history, click zones, history of navigation on our website and etc.)
  6. We may collect information about your location if you use the device with enabled geolocation option.
How do we collect information about you?

We collect information about you when you visit our website or blog, fill online form to contact us or to order services, when you register or make a purchase online.

We collect information about you while you use our mobile application.

We also use such technologies as cookies in order to make your online experience on our platform better. While mostly all browsers accept cookies automatically you can decline using cookies on our website manually.

We may collect information about you using public sources like your accounts on social media, your posts and comments.

Why do we collect information about you?
  1. To provide you with our services and to get orders from our clients.
  2. To make better products and services and to offer you the best customer services.
  3. To communicate with you and to respond to your request, to track your posts and comments, to answer your question you ask us via online forms or comments.
  4. To customize our services according to your usual online activity and habits.
  5. To keep information about regular customers to make our cooperation even better.
  6. To analyze information about our target audience from a marketing perspective to provide demanded and competitive services, to understand your interests and preferences.
  7. To send you information about special offers, new products or promotions. We do not use spam technologies.
How do we share information about you?

We do not sell information about you to third parties.

However, we can share information within our company and with our business partners, credit card processing vendors, shipping companies, advertising providers if it is reasonably necessary.

We will share information about you to comply with US law or at the request of the authorities. We will share information about you to protect our site and our customers if you use our platform to fraud, theft or misconduct.

Do we collect information about children?

No, we do not knowingly collect information about children. Our website has age restrictions – children under 13 years old cannot use it without parental permission. If you think your child under 13 years old gave us private information, please contact us via email. We will delete all gathered information as soon as possible.

How do we store information about you?

We store information about our customers and visitors to our website in the US. We provide your information on the level of protection that corresponds with US laws. We use all safeguards to protect your private information.

We are trying our best but still we can not guarantee 100% security because it is impossible in nowadays Internet or any other network. That is why you share any information with us at your own risk.

Note! This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. According to the US law we will inform you about any changes in Privacy Policy.

Need more details or have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using email or phone.

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