Copper Roofs

Copper is considered the best metal roofing material — it is suitable for buildings of any architecture and style. And its durability and efficiency will allow you to forget about the hassle for years.

If you need a copper roof and your house is situated in Newton, Brookline, Boston, and other Massachusetts’ locations, our company will offer the best solution and a full range of services, both at the stage of planning and during the reconstruction of existing facilities.

You can order the installation of the supporting structure, dismantling the old flat roof, and replacing it with a new one.

Our managers will calculate the required amount of material, taking into account the housetop system, area, required slopes, and existing architectural features.

Our Services

For many years, copper has been used not only to decorate houses or to give them a complete look but also to ensure the safety of the property. It can serve faithfully for more than a century while requiring minimal costs and maintenance. This material is notable for its resistance to weather conditions and environmental influences that stand out among modern roofing solutions.

Our roofers provide a full range of services:

✔ Design;

✔ Construction;

✔ Renovation;

✔ Partial Repairs.

We will cope with both small orders and large areas quickly and efficiently.

Copper Flat Roof Installation

Copper is a very ductile and durable material. The housetops made of this material can serve about 100-200 years. Such a long period is achieved by the unique properties of copper: over time, as a result of oxidation, a kind of protective layer is formed on its surface (a patina, which protects the material from almost any negative environmental influences).

However, the long-term service is possible only if its installation was carried out considering all the technical requirements and characteristics, therefore it is so important to choose professionals. When installing a new flat roof, our builders pay special attention to preparatory work — in particular, the construction of the rafter system and its treatment with antiseptics and antipyretics.

Repairs & Renovations

Our company can not only build but also repair a decent roof for your house. As a result, it will stand for more than 1 year, become a decoration, and will not cause troubles like leaks and other force majeure. We are one of the most experienced construction companies in the USA (over 21 years in the industry), our specialists constantly improve their skills and use only proven materials and tools.

Other Services to Take into Account

Due to its unique qualities, copper is considered one of the best materials. But its laying has nuances, so the choice of performers must be taken with full responsibility. Our tile roofing company has extensive professional experience in the installation and repair of housetops.

As award-winning experts, we provide a wide range of services and only the best materials. For example, we were one of the first to start working with innovative roofing — single-ply polyester reinforced rubber PVC membranes from IB Roof Systems. The uniqueness of it is a lifetime warranty for residential buildings and a 30-year warranty for commercial premises. We are a certified representative with an approved service, therefore our team is fully responsible for the quality of work.

We are a licensed local contractor who will replace your existing roof with an innovative one, covered with hot-air welded PVC membranes. On the roofs of our production, you can install solar panels, organize recreation areas with green spaces, dance decks, and other objects. Call us and get detailed answers to any questions. Our managers are ready to discuss your project now!

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