PVC Deck Shield

Most people switch to modern materials for covering balconies, terraces, and more. They have the best energy saving, lightness, moisture, and fire resistance. Your goal is to make your home not only warm and reliable but also provide it with environmentally friendly and robust accommodations.

If you are looking for the best roofing company that will quickly assess the scale of the work, choose a reliable contractor with high-level material, certification, and guaranteed results in the shortest possible time.

Contact our experienced specialists in MA who perform any construction, masonry, roofing, flooring, and other high-quality operations for indoor and outdoor improvement. We offer the latest material for covering verandas, porches, balconies, and terraces – deckshield. Our experts have passed the necessary training, are certified by the IB Roof Systems, and licensed to work with such raw materials.

If you need more reliable and qualified local roofing contractors then leave a request. Our team is very responsive, it offers services in Needham, Boston, Wellesley, Chestnut Hill, Newburyport, Salem, Framingham, Salisbury, Northborough, Sudbury, Wolf, Weston, Westwood, Dedham, Rosendale, West Roxbury, Lincoln, Brighton, and other locations in the Massachusetts region.

Our Services

Roofing services of our company use a special deckshield material which is energy efficient, durable, waterproof, and lightweight. Such a covering will be an excellent solution for additional outbuildings such as a carport, patio, veranda, etc. This roofing product is based on a PVC membrane which is used to cover residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs. We give a lifetime guarantee because we are confident in the quality of our operation.

Problem Assessment & Material Selection

You can choose any material, but not all of them are reliable and durable. Rubber, wood, metal, or plastic is already outdated and has certain disadvantages. We offer the latest development in the construction industry.

Our flat roofing contractors use a deckshield because it will withstand puddle water and is a great choice for any house additions and exterior construction elements.

Our crew of qualified experts will carry out a full scope of works required for the high-grade deckshield installation:

✔ Evaluate the scale of coverage;

✔ Drawing up a plan and cost estimate;

✔ Prepare a roofing product;

✔ Installation of a dense and moisture-resistant substrate – DensDeck;

✔ Covering the canopy with deckshield material;

✔ Seals the seams;

✔ Finishing works.

Deckshield Flooring, Roofing, and Siding

You get waterproof flooring with a high level of durability. The surface is very hard and any sharper object will bounce off without causing damage.

The mesh sheets are joined to the base firmly, so moisture will not collect inside and lead to dehumidification of the layers.

Our approved service has studied all the details of such flat roof installation, so we do all the stages of the deckshield covering very carefully.

Other Our Services  

Our experienced crew carries out the installation of flat roofs using modern materials, but our contractors also do other work: repairs, replacements, improvements, etc.

Our team will also help you with the installation of metal or rubber roofs, gutters, downspouts, permanent skylights with blinds, and more. If you are looking for private or commercial building coverage, asphalt shingles, green or solar PV roofing, then contact our experts.

We guarantee strict compliance with all clauses of the contract, so we do the work very quickly. If you need roof repair specialists, please leave a request, and we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve any problem.

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