Standing Seam Panels

New England is famous for its harsh and snowy winters. Many homeowners are faced with icing and roof leaks. Avoiding these troubles is the installation of aluminum standing seam panels. The system traps snow, directs ice. It helps to avoid leaks and deformation of the roof.

Our company offers home roof repairs and installs aluminum seam metal on a residential building in Massachusetts. The structure consists of cast aluminum supports attached to the ribs with stainless steel seam clamps and screws. But we have an alternative solution.

Our specialists install PVC membranes from IB Roof System. We are licensed to work with these materials from the manufacturers.

We offer reasonable prices for all types of work.

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In winter, New England often gets a lot of snow. It accumulates on the roof, melts in the sun, forming ice dams. They can slowly slide and pose a threat to residents and everyone passing by.

Also, such snow is often blown away by storms. It is fraught with a threat to life for people and roof leaks.

Our company offers to solve the problem and install a new metal modern roofing. Standing seam panels are suitable for low-pitch roofs. You don’t have to remove snow after every snowfall or repair gutters.

Our roofs do not require constant maintenance, they do not leak or deform. Melting snow does not slide off them but flows into special drains.

Installing New Rooftop

The main advantage of standing seam panels is functionality. Our roof installers also offer to apply sheets with an energy-efficient Cool Roof coating. There are no horizontal joints on the panels, so water and melted snow will not linger in them. The melting bed flows into the drain. Besides, the panels are fastened with clamps, there are no holes in them that can rust or allow water to pass through.

Such roofs can last up to 40 years without constant repairs and maintenance. Having installed a metal roof, you forget that such roof leaks, snow removal around the house, and go around it for a few meters.

Installing Obstacles

Our company is one of the best metal roofing companies (near me). All our specialists take regular refresher courses. That is why they are aware of the entire technology of working with different materials. The roofers do not overwhelm the owner of the house with new expenses and changes in the order.

With us, you will not run into the following problems:

✔ Safe and high-quality removal of the previous coating;

✔ Damage to windows during dismantling;

✔ Closing roof windows.

Our roofing specialists first carry out a complete dismantling of the previous coating. So that it does not bend or rub from the metal sheets from the inside. Mounting a standing seam metal roof requires skill and expertise. Therefore, we only allow experienced workers.

Another vital point is replacing rotten wood on the roof. Loss of heat and leakage can occur precisely because of rotten boards. Roof repairs will help extend the life of the metal coating and save on heat and energy costs.

Other Services to Take Into Account

If you want to have another usable space, we offer a worthy solution — PVC-membrane. So you can set up a barbecue area, landscaping, and solar panels on your renewed rooftop.

Our specialists also work with industrial facilities. We use different types of materials in our work: steel, copper. aluminum. These are reliable and durable materials that help keep heat inside the house.

We also provide a wide range of roofing services (near me). You can find out about our options on the website. Contact the managers to order a preliminary inspection. Specialists travel to all areas of Massachusetts: Wellesley, Weston, West Roxbury, Lincoln, Boston, Brighton, and others. Make sure of the quality of our work by reading the reviews of satisfied customers.

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