Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

Flat roofs based on PVC membranes are an excellent choice for a modern house. This material is lightweight, strong, eco-friendly, and durable. But there are cases when your rooftop needs repair and it is important to choose a reliable roofing construction company.

Our crew of experts carries out any work on the installation, renovation, replacement, painting, or redesign of a private or commercial building covering.

Our trusted contractor in MA promptly eliminates any defect, and we give a lifetime warranty on the quality of the ready-made work. Our specialists have been trained and licensed to operate with PVC membranes. Our other advantage is the operational speed of work, following all the terms of the contract with the customer.

Call to get expert consultation and leave a request. We suggest any flat rooftop repair operations in Brookline, Watertown, Boston, Salem, Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Salisbury, Northborough, Weston, Westwood, Dedham, Norwood, Bedford, Rosendale, Lexington, Concord, Framingham, Lincoln, and other Massachusetts towns.

Our Service

Our professional roofing company has more than 20 years of experience and works not only with the installation of flat rooftops, but also with the mounting of various additions: solar panels, dance decks, green roofs, and other constructional elements.

Our approved service provides the licensed installation of PVC membranes from the IB Roof Systems manufacturer.

The required certificates also permit the mounting of the deckshield material, if the client wants to cover the terrace, porch, parking, balcony, etc.

Analysis for Repair or Replacement

Some housetop damages could be identified visually then roof repair specialists draw up a detailed work plan. If the coating requires renovation, then we use the necessary equipment to eliminate any malfunctions. If the exciting rooftop cannot be repaired, our experts replace the necessary parts. Most often, any defect can be fixed. Replacement is required only if the covering material has expired.

Our experienced contractors find the following signs of housetop breakage and take the necessary measures to eliminate them:

✔ Waterproofing is swollen, raised, or missing;

✔ The rooftop membrane is cracked or blistered;

✔ Liquid accumulates in certain places, forming puddles;

✔ The appearance of potholes, punctures, tears, or dents on the sheets after impacts.

Our flat roof specialists consider all damage options for these types of house coverings because lower quality roof materials installed earlier can break. It can be other breakages: temperature drops, strong winds, incorrect observance of operating rules, and more. No need to wait if you notice signs of breakage on your flat housetop surface. If you do not fix the defect timely, you may get more complex problems later, and it will also be more costly.

Step-by-Step Repair and Replacement

Renovation work is more voluminous because it is important to preserve the material and fix the damage. But the metal and plastic roof can be easily replaced with an EDM rubber roof with PVC membranes. The ID Flat Roof contractor gives a guarantee for the durability of such material so you forget about roof problems.

Our roof repair service is always about removing the damaged sheet, cleaning all holes, removing the old base, installing new insulation, and a new PVC membrane placement on the top. Then, our team uses hot air welding to seal all joints. If the problem was the accumulation of water, then we carefully analyze the surface to remove any slopes and depressions, after checking the gutters.

If you need a proven flat roof repair company then you can trust our experts. Leave a request and we fix any type of breakage in the shortest possible time.

Our standard rate for a rubber roof, PVC roof and other types of roof repair is $550 and includes the roof inspection, leakage inspection, and up to an hour and a half of repair work with all materials included in the price.

If more damage is discovered during the repair than is expected and the repair requires more time, it is $195 per each additional hour.

If the repair is too big to be finished in one day or requires a lot of materials, a special price would be offered. Most of the roof repairs we perform do not require more than one visit and can be performed on the spot.

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