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Why is it Better Replace Existing Felt Roof with PVC? | ID Flat Roof

Homeowners always try to improve their residential premises to stay pleased with the high level of comfort indoors and the aesthetic exterior of the house. Qualitative roofing is the essential aspect of the convenient premise. Both residential and commercial sites require sustainable housetops. Today, there are many materials and techniques to apply for the installation of a durable roof covering  

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Handyman vs Professional Roofing Contractor | ID Flat Roof

The roofs of residential buildings can be completely different from each other. They differ in size and shape, roof frame and appearance, material and method of its installation. 

Nevertheless, despite the differences, all roofs are similar in one thing – sooner or later, each roof requires repair. Even if you have chosen an ultra-reliable and almost eternal material, you will periodically have to carry out minor repairs.  

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Flat and Low-Slope Roofs Materials | ID Flat Roof

Our company is a professional roofing contractor and proven roofing material supplier in Massachusetts. Over the past 21 years, we have renovated and installed hundreds of roofs in residential and commercial properties all over the region. 

Our main specialization is flat and low-slope roofs. We prefer to use only modern and Energy Star rated materials. Being also a certified IB Roofs installer we specialize on IB Roofs Systems. 

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Flat Roof Materials Rating | ID Flat Roof

The choice of roofing material for a new or renovated building is one of the most important stages in the whole construction process. 

If you make the right choice, the roof will serve you up to 50 years, without leaks, critical damages, deformations and other unpleasant incidents. Some modern roofing materials will even save money on your electricity bills constantly. 

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Advantages and Benefits of Metal Roof | ID Flat Roof

Metal roofs (both metal shingles and standing seam panels) are a premium product on the roofing market, and even though it is more expensive than regular asphalt/fiberglass shingle over time it proves to be a more logical and least expensive choice.

Metal roofs have many advantages against traditional roofing materials and I want to explain them in more detail.

1. Metal roofing materials are much stronger than traditional roofing materials – which means that over time they won’t crack, break or peel or even get blown off with gusty winds.

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