Roofing Repair and Replacement

Did your roof become leaking and worn out? ID Flat Roof corp provides qualified and fast residential and commercial flat roofing repair and replacement in Brookline, Needham, Rosendale, and all across Massachusetts. We have 21 years of practice in this field and certainly are worthy of your trust. Our large skillset allows us to provide approved service and give a lifetime warranty for the materials and 10 years warranty for the workmanship.

Our Services

Our flat roof specialists fix all breakages as quickly as possible while dealing with leaks and other challenging tasks. The team of professional roofers eliminates problems qualitatively and fast. Whether you need replacement or repair, we use highly qualified materials and work with an individual plan.

Roofing Repair

When a roof gets older than 20 years or more, it probably needs some fixing work. The most common problems are breaks and flaws in the material, physical damage, lack of insulating features, flat roof leaks, etc.

Our team can set things right in all of these cases. Firstly, we inspect a surface and loft to find out the reason and scale of the problem. Then, we suggest ways to remove the damage. Next, we provide our services professionally and reliably. It is good to think about the state of your roof before it starts leaking. In this case, an inspection and small breakage removal will be enough. If you need everything to be done rapidly, we can provide an emergency repair.

While repairing, we make a contract with every client to guarantee the quality of works provided. After our help and lifetime-provided warranty, you can be sure that it is the only roofing service you’ll need for your residence! We perform restoration roofing both in residential and commercial buildings. If you need to fix a cover on a restaurant, office building, or some industrial dwelling, we are here to help.

Roofing Replacement

If the cover is damaged strongly, just repairing it locally won’t be enough. In this case, we provide a full near-me roofing replacement. ID Flat Roof works with PVC membrane from IB Roof Systems. It is the best flat roof covering that will strongly improve your whole house. It has some unique qualities and features that any other material cannot give to you.

✔ PVC membrane guarantees you 100% freedom of ponding water. It is the major reason for leaks now. In further perspective, you’ll save strongly on small sectional leak repair.

✔ A special way of installation with hot-air welding increases longevity strongly. It is because of a special system of setting overlapping seams.

✔ Membranes are highly energy-efficient, which allows you to save on your energy bills. The surface won’t almost heat up and then give you a nicer temperature in summer and save the heat inside in winter.

✔ PVC is recyclable and eco-friendly, and also helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from your house.

✔ The membrane’s color is highly customizable and can look naturally just like ground or sand. You can choose the one that will fit the landscape.

With a lifetime warranty for the material, PVC membrane becomes one of the best alternatives to common metal or asphalt shingles.

Other Services To Take Into Account

Our company specializes in flat and low-pitched roofs. Furthermore, we install solar panels and green roofs with organic coverings right on the top of your house.

For commercial buildings, a well-built and reliable roof improves efficiency strongly.

We are a licensed contractor with an official IB Roof Systems certificate to work with their membranes.

Call our roofing supply company or leave a request on our website. Soon, we’ll contact you and start discussing a project.

Our team is ready to go anywhere in Massachusetts.

Our standard rate for a rubber roof, PVC roof and other types of roof repair is $550 and includes the roof inspection, leakage inspection, and up to an hour and a half of repair work with all materials included in the price.

If more damage is discovered during the repair than is expected and the repair requires more time, it is $195 per each additional hour.

If the repair is too big to be finished in one day or requires a lot of materials, a special price would be offered. Most of the roof repairs we perform do not require more than one visit and can be performed on the spot.

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