Roof Repairs

We offer a wide variety of flat roof repairs in Massachusetts – both rubber and PVC roofs.

It is very important for property owners to address roof repairs in a timely manner because even small quantities of water will get into a damaged roof on a regular basis. Over time small leaks can lead to extensive damage to the roof deck and rafters beneath it, which will result in a much pricier repair.

Usually, most PVC and rubber can be patched or repaired before they face replacement – for a relatively small cost the life of the roof can be extended and prevent further leaking until a new roof system can be afforded.

We use only quality materials for our roof repairs: Peel and Stick rubber for EPDM rubber roofs and IB PVC membrane for PVC roofs like Trocal, Sarnafil etc.

Our standard rate for a rubber roof, PVC roof and other types of roof repair is $550 and includes the roof inspection, leakage inspection, and up to an hour and a half of repair work with all materials included in the price.

If more damage is discovered during the repair than is expected and the repair requires more time, it is $195 per each additional hour.

If the repair is too big to be finished in one day or requires a lot of materials, a special price would be offered.

Most of the roof repairs we perform do not require more than one visit and can be performed on the spot.

Please call (617) 299-0291 or fill out the estimate request form to schedule your roof repair.

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