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Our Сompleted Projects of PVC Roof

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Boston and Massachusetts

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ID Flat Roof is a professional contractor that has been providing superior commercial roofing services in Boston, Newton, Cambridge, and throughout Massachusetts for over 20 years. We offer the most efficient and best-working solutions for commercial facilities with any roof and purpose.

With years of experience and high-quality training in advanced approaches, our company can design, install, repair, and replace any commercial building roof. We can even handle large-scale and custom roof projects.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a professional roofing contractor and the features of commercial roofing in Boston, MA.

Commercial roofing, Boston MA
Commercial Roofing, Boston, MA

How to Find The Best Commercial Roofer in Boston

  • To get started, find out what certifications and licenses a roofing company has. It’s better to contact contractors who know how to fix roofs on commercial buildings because they differ from ones on houses.

ID Flat Roof has the necessary licenses and permits to design and install roofs on any commercial building and the documents confirming our expertise.

  • Check what materials the roofing company works with. Materials like EPDM, TPO, PVC, asphalt, modified bitumen, and BUR are what to look for. Wooden shingles, tile, and slate are used less frequently on commercial buildings.

ID Flat Roof works with time-tested and innovative commercial roofing solutions. We partner with the industry’s best roofing manufacturers, offering great prices in MA.

  • If you’re looking for a reputable roofing company in Boston, MA, check out their reviews and completed projects portfolio. A company with a lot of experience is likely to have a lot of completed projects you can look at to see how competent they are.

ID Flat Roof has been working in commercial roofing in Boston for over 20 years, and our highly-qualified roofers have completed dozens of projects of various complexity.

If you want to stay up-to-date on our latest updates and see some of the cool stuff we’re working on, follow us on Instagram.

Check our page for photos and descriptions of completed commercial roof installations and repairs in Boston. Got any questions? Ask us for advice!

Main Features of Commercial Roofs in Boston, MA

In Boston, commercial roofs take up large areas, exceeding an average residential building’s size several times.

Many utilities, including roof access, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, are on commercial roofs.

Unlike residential buildings, commercial roofs happen to be at high altitudes. Any work on such roofs requires special qualifications and equipment.

Roofers pay special attention to leakage and UV protection when designing and installing commercial roofs.

Membrane materials, gravel, and BUR are the primary materials for commercial roofs. For specific buildings, certain materials are considered optimal.

Commercial roofs’ design and installation occur following regional building standards and regulations. This applies to industrial, commercial, or office facilities.

Boston Commercial Roofing
Boston Commercial Roofing

Roofing Contractor: What Services Does Our Company Offer

  1. Drawing up a free estimate after inspecting the facility and engineering calculations.
    A detailed and foolproof estimate is a crucial stage of any roofing service. It should feature guarantees, terms, costs, and other vital conditions. Our experts will make a free estimate after inspecting the object.
  2. Commercial roofing design in Boston for malls, office centers, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and industrial facilities of any size.
    Every commercial building has its architectural features and requirements. We consider the region’s climate to protect roofs from all negative factors.
  3. Partial and complete replacement of old roofing material. After inspecting the property, our roofers will determine if the old roofing needs removal.
    We use the best materials in every price range. Roofing materials for commercial roofs, installed by our specialists, will last for decades without significant repairs.
  4. Commercial roof repair in the Massachusetts region, including emergency repair in Boston. Regardless of the nature and scale of the damage, we will offer a rational solution and perform the repair ASAP.

We know how roof damage and leaks can affect a business, so our roofers will do their best to fix the cause and effect of the problem as soon as possible.

Benefits of Choosing Our Company

Our roofers can install, replace, and repair any commercial flat roof in Boston. The work’s cost and time depend on the project’s complexity and the roof’s area.

Before starting, our engineers carefully inspect the object and provide you with detailed information about the cost and terms of work. You will know exactly how much you pay and what for. We consider the demands of customers and the available budget to offer the best solutions.

ID Flat Roof provides comprehensive services. From designing to cleaning up construction waste after installation or repair, our specialists carry out all work. You do not need to apply for additional services to someone else.

We use the best time-tested materials in the commercial roofing industry that are 100% leak-proof and have an extended lifespan. We are partnered with materials suppliers and offer a reasonable cost in any price range.

We give guarantees for work and materials. Many of our commercial roofing solutions come with a 50+ or ​​lifetime warranty. Our estimates always have the exact terms and conditions of warranty service.

ID Flat Roof - General Contractor - Dennis Tchernov
ID Flat Roof – General Contractor – Dennis Tchernov

Commercial Roofing in Boston: Where to Begin

Commercial buildings’ roofs include hundreds of design and engineering solutions. Our experts will advise which roofing option and material suits your project.

  1. Contact our roofers in Boston or another city in Massachusetts.
  2. Tell us about your project, and we will answer all your questions.
  3. Our experts will appoint a convenient time to visit the object and carry out calculations.
  4. Our engineers and designers will make an estimate describing all the stages of work, materials, terms, and costs.
  5. All roofing work, including material delivery, will be done on time. We are ready to answer all your questions and make a free estimate for a commercial roofing project of any complexity.

We are always in touch. Call us or write to us right now!

Metal Roof and PVC Roof Replacement | Needham Roofers

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Looking for trusted and skilled roofers in Needham, MA? ID Flat Roof is one of the prime roofing companies in Needham, MA, with professional services and highly qualified specialists.

Our company offers a wide range of ‘near me’ roofing services in Needham, including emergency leak repair, roof renovation, replacement, and construction projects from scratch.

More than that, one of our priorities is to use high-end roofing materials delivered from the best American manufacturers. Need proof? Look at some of our recently completed roofing projects in Needham, MA.

The following project features two best alternatives to the old-school roofing materials:

  • Rolled PVC membrane instead of a rubber roof.
  • Interlocking aluminum shingles instead of regular asphalt shingles.

Aluminum Shingle Metal Roof and Rolled PVC Membrane

Both roofing materials are permanent solutions, requiring minimal to no maintenance.

They are also an excellent solution for ice dams – PVC membrane forms one continuous piece, and metal shingles interlock, preventing water from getting in or under adjacent shingles.

Project Description by Needham Roofers

Roofers Needham MA - Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation
Roofers Needham, MA – Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation
  • Two-story colonial home with a pitched roof over the main house and a significant addition with a flat roof – Our roofers in Needham are experienced and qualified enough to work with projects and roofs of any type and complexity.
  • Existing roofing material removal, new plywood installation- You can choose either partial renovation of the roof or complete replacement of the old material.
  • Interlocking aluminum shingles installation on the main house – You can choose roofing material among aluminum shingles of different colors, roof seam panels, corrugated roof metal, and copper roofs.  
  • PVC membrane installation on the flat section – We believe PVC membrane is the best option for flat residential and commercial roofs in Needham. Contact our specialist to learn more about modern solutions.         
  • Skylights, a chimney, and multiple pipes – our roofers in Needham carry out any related construction tasks according to the project and your property’s architectural features.

Materials used

Roofers Needham preparing the roof - stage 1
Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation by roofers Needham
Installed Aluminum shingles and PVC by Roofers Needham

Our experts will carefully study your project and offer the best set of roofing materials according to your requirements and budget

  • GAF DeckArmor breathable underlayment.
  • Brown aluminum interlocking shingles.
  • Custom-made color-matching aluminum accessories: valleys, drip edge, rake gables, and ridge caps.
  • 60-mil white PVC membrane.
  • 1″ fiberboard insulation.
  • Snow guards over doors and walkways to prevent snow from sliding down in big chunks.
Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation
Needham Flat Roof
final stage - Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation

Aluminum Shingle Metal Roof and Rolled PVC Membrane Used in this Project by Needham Roofers

Both roofing materials we mentioned are practical alternatives to any roof in Needham – for renovating old and new roofs under construction.

With Aluminum shingles and PVC Membrane installed by ID Flat Roofers in Needham, you get:

  • Modern roof requiring minimal to no maintenance.
  • A reliable roof that lasts from 20 to 50 years (lifetime warranty for some materials).
  • 100% leak protection for years ahead.
  • Savings on electricity bills (with energy-efficient white PVC Membrane).

ID Flat Roof offers roofing services in Needham, MA, including seasonal inspection, professional metal, and PVC roof repair, complete roof replacement, and construction projects.

If you want to deal with local professionals who will come to inspect the object ASAP, listen to all your wishes, make a free estimate, and professionally perform any roofing work – call us.

Floating Rooftop Deck

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Flat roofs are typical for residential and commercial real estate in the US. In addition, they have various advantages that a property owner can use, like an opportunity to turn the roof, porch, or shed into a patio or terrace. All you need to do is to install a safe and sightly floating rooftop deck. If done right, it will provide you with a zone to relax and hang out with your friends and increase the market value of your property.

Do you want to install a floating rooftop deck? ID Flat Roof provides a full range of roofing services, including installing plastic and wooden floating decks over flat roofs. Need additional 100% leak protection? Our roofers will install a maintenance-free PVC underlayment membrane with hot-air welded seams.

Contact our consultants and tell us about your plans. Considering your requirements and budget, we will offer the best options for floating rooftop decks.

Floating Rooftop Deck from ID Flat Roof
A Floating Rooftop Deck from ID Flat Roof

Want to build a deck on a flat roof?

  1. First, check if the roof structure can withstand the appropriate weight. Contact our roofer, and they will inspect your roof when convenient.
  2. After goes the waterproof membrane installation over the top of the roof. We recommend using modern PVC membranes, which are stronger and more durable than rubber or EPDM counterparts. PVC membranes will reliably protect the roof from leaks, so you do not have to spend a lot of money on dismantling the deck in case of leaking problems.
  3. Then comes fastener installation for the floating deck and roof design with maximum protection from wind uplift and mechanical damage. We often use the pedestal support system, but it all depends on the roofing project and architectural features. We will design the floating rooftop decks as robust, comfortable, and reliable as possible.
  4. Need drainage? If necessary, our roofers will design and install a drainage or snow melt system to prevent water from accumulating on the roof surface. We use unique technologies that maintain the underlayment membrane tightness, so your roof will not leak in any weather.
  5. The next step is the deck installation. You can choose the most suitable one, including natural wood or plastic. Not sure which flooring to choose for your floating porch or patio roof? We offer proven solutions from the best manufacturers in the US and will find something fitting your tastes and budget.
  6. If necessary, our roofers will mount any additional structures on your rooftop deck, including sliding doors, railings, drip edges, etc.

Take a look at a completed floating deck flat roof project

We have been installing floating rooftop decks for 15 years and are working with all popular materials. We recommend paying attention to modern energy-efficient technologies and materials with a lifetime warranty.

PVC Roof Installation Under Floating Wooden Deck in Sudbury

Sometimes rubber is used for floating deck installation. But eventually, adhesive in the seams of the rubber roof lets go, and homeowners face costly and labor-intense repairs when they have to take the whole deck apart and then rebuild it.

A great alternative to the rubber roof is a PVC membrane with hot-air welded seams. It will create a permanent maintenance-free solution because the seams will never break.

Project Description

  • Two-level deck over a newly built garage.
  • 23 railing posts.
  • Two sliding doors lead to the deck.
  • 4″-wide extra strips of the membrane for future deck slippers.

Materials used

  • 1/2″ fan-fold styrofoam.
  • 80-mil white PVC membrane with ChemGuard technology and fleece back.
  • Mechanically attached assembly.
  • 3″ PVC coated drip edge.
  • Custom-made post flashings.
PVC roof under Floating Rooftop Deck installation
PVC Roof Installation Under Floating Wooden Deck
PVC Rubber roof under deck
floating deck with PVC Roof Installation
floating deck over flat roof
how to build a deck on a flat rubber roof
how to install a deck on a flat roof
wood deck on flat roof

Do you want to install a floating rooftop deck?

Call our consultant, tell us about your plans, and get help from an expert. Our specialist will come to you at a convenient time, check the roof, and make an estimate. Estimating is Free.

PVC Membrane Installation on Shed Dormer Flat Roof Wellesley

4 minutes

Getting your roof in shape is a must for each homeowner. And this starts with selecting the proper roofing. When you need durable and reliable flat roofing in Wellesley, MA, you can get it in ID Flat Roof. We offer all the benefits of PVC membrane roofing, among the top options for flat roofs today.

What Is a PVC Membrane and Why Choose It for Your Wellesley Roof?

PVC membrane is by far the most superior material for flat roof installation. Unlike rubber which relies on glue to hold the seams together, PVC membrane has strong seams. Properly welded seams will never come apart – this is why all PVC membrane installations have a lifetime warranty.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been popular in roofing for almost 50 years. Its advantages are numerous, so this single-ply roofing material is still unsurpassed for use in commercial and residential properties.

The construction of a PVC roofing membrane consists of two layers of thin PVC with a layer of polyester placed between them as support. In its essence, a PVC membrane is a thin layer of a polymerized substance rolled in a reel. Its lightweight and ease of unrolling make it easy to install. Its thickness doesn’t decrease the membrane’s life span.

PVC fits flat and low-pitch roofs, including shed dormers. A shed dormer is the most common way to increase a home’s inner space without serious reconstruction and always has a flat or low-pitch roof.

What Benefits a PVC Membrane Roof Has

There are many reasons to choose that material for Boston roofing in Wellesley, MA. We highlighted some of these benefits.

  1. Cooling features. Its structure and color prevent the roof from heating and help to remain the inner premises cooled on hot days, making PVC roofing a good idea for residential flat roofs. Besides, you can paint any color you want.
  2. Durability. Flat roofs made of PVC have the longest life span among all the flat roofing options. PVC membrane roofing can last three decades with regular maintenance!
  3. Wind resistance. It’s exceptionally high for PVC membranes. With proper installation, PVC roofing can withstand even hurricanes of the III category.
  4. Fire resistance. PVC hardly ignites. That is a benefit you may appreciate in seasons of wildfires.
  5. Waterproof. PVC membranes rarely allow leaks.
  6. Ease of installation and maintenance. Due to its flexibility, a skilled Wellesley professional roof repair contractor like ID Flat Roof can install it quickly.
  7. Tolerance to fungi and mold. PVC is not affected by any bacteria or microorganisms.
  8. Eco-friendly. PVC’s nature makes it a good choice for those who care about the environment.

PVC Membrane Installation on a Flat Roof Wellesley, MA

For PVC membrane coating, following all the installation rules is vital if you care about the reliability of your roof and the likelihood of related problems. In particular, a properly carried out installation will reduce the load during extreme temperature changes, heavy rains, and strong winds.

Often, the installation of a PVC membrane on the roof is carried out in several stages:

  • Insulation installation. The task of insulation is to reduce heat loss inside the home. ISO or EPS foam boards of various thicknesses are a popular choice.
  • The contractors then choose one of the PVC membrane installation methods. It can be the fully-adhered method in which a unique adhesive substance attaches to the membrane. This method requires extra attention to the membrane’s insulation since mold and rot can damage the roof boards if condensation occurs under it. At the same time, it is the fastest and easiest installation method. The PVC membrane can also be installed using mechanical fasteners. It is the most reliable way of fastening, which increases the roofing’s wind resistance.
  • After installation, the PVC membrane is sealed with hot air, making it seamless and increasing its service life.

You can look at how to install a PVC membrane roof, but it’s better not to risk DIY but to entrust the installation to a reliable Wellesley roofing company. We can lay PVC membranes on tops of any design complexity. Our company offers several advantages of PVC membrane installation services at once:

  • High speed.
  • Expert roofers.
  • Affordable price.

We thoroughly choose the PVC membrane installation method and create a project based on several features like the building’s construction, type of roof and wall materials, permissible load, and others. As a result, you get your flat or low-pitch roofing that will last for decades and provide your home with impeccable protection from heat, cold, winds, rains, and all the weather fluctuations.

Below are the basic proposals for a flat roof project with PVC membrane and our work materials.

Wellesley Roofing Company – Project Description

  • Shed dormer with a rolled asphalt roofing material.
  • One chimney – color-matching PVC flashing, aluminum counter-flashing.
  • Two pipes.
  • Persisting problems with ice dams and ponding water.
PVC membrane installation - Wellesley roofing
PVC membrane installation – Wellesley Roofing

Materials Used

  • Polyiso-tapered insulation with 1/8″ per foot increase.
  • 60-mil white PVC membrane.
  • 3″ PVC-coated drip edge.
  • PVC pipe flashing.
Wellesley roofing company - PVC membrane installation
Wellesley roofing company – PVC membrane installation

Get the best services from your dedicated Wellesley roofing company in MA!

PVC Roof Membrane: Modern Solution for Flat and Low-Slope Roofs in Wayland

5 minutes

PVC Roof Membrane is one of the best flat roof materials ever invented by humanity. A PVC membrane is a durable, sealed, single-layered synthetic material in white or other colors suitable for most roofs.

If your house needs a roof that never leaks, doesn’t need to be maintained or repaired more often than once per season, and looks excellent – PVC membrane is your choice.

Plus, these membranes are suitable for garages, verandas, patios, and other outbuildings. This material is also energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

PVC roof membrane
PVC roof membrane

PVC Roof Membrane: Modern Alternative to Old Solutions

Technological progress never stops. It means that manufacturers are releasing new materials that outperform their outdated counterparts. The roofing industry is no exception.

For example, rubber or asphalt roofs were popular in our State last century (they are still popular today and cover almost 80% of flat roofs). They aren’t bad but have an alternative – a PVC membrane roof, which can be installed on flat roofs and low-pitched regular roofs as an asphalt shingles alternative.

Mainly you might see PVC roofs on commercial buildings, but it is becoming increasingly popular with residential property owners. The demand for PVC membranes is growing by 5-10% yearly. Whether building a new home or renovating an old roof, look at PVC membranes.

Our roofers at ID Flat Roof have been working with PVC membranes for over 12 years and know everything about this material. Let us explain why it’s one of the best available on the US market.

Well-Known Advantages

  1. PVC roofing provides almost 100% leakage protection. Modern membrane materials perfectly handle poor weather and sitting water that collects on the roof surface. Since leaks are the main enemy of any flat roof, PVC will save you a lot of nerves and money on repairing leaks after another rainstorm.
  2. The maximum service life of PVC membranes is up to 25 years. Of course, the service life depends on several factors, such as temperature changes, the load on the roof surface, sunlight and UV, wind, and so on. But if the roofers performed installation correctly, using quality material – PVC membrane will easily last 25 years without repairs.
  3. Although installing a PVC membrane requires certain investments (especially considering the insulation installation), a new roof becomes a good investment in the long run. Some types of PVC membranes reflect sunlight, and you save on cooling in the summer. In addition, such a roof does not require every-month maintenance and repair, not wasting the family budget.
  4. Modern PVC roofing materials comply with all environmental standards. They are chemically inert and retain elasticity and strength for many years.

To sum up, PVC membrane is a great solution that is almost free of maintenance, has a lifetime warranty, and provides anti-leak protection once and forever when installed professionally. That is why PVC roofing installation is a keystone of any roofing project.

Does this Material Have Any Disadvantages?

Like any other roofing material, PVC membranes have their cons. We do not hide any nuances so that you can see the whole picture and determine if this option is suitable for your roof, budget, and demands.

  • PVC membranes are not the cheapest material. And the smaller the roof area, the higher the price per square foot.
  • PVC membranes should be installed only by qualified specialists since the service life. The ability of the roof to protect the house from leaks directly depends on the quality of installation work, the tightness of soldered seams, especially at the corners of the top, parts with pipes, skylights, and chimneys (appropriate flashing for PVC roofing is needed).
  • PVC membranes should be installed on a specially prepared base. Therefore, it is almost always necessary to dismantle old materials before installing a new one. Especially if the old roof was bitumen or rubber – they are incompatible with PVC.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of PVC roofing and decide if it suits your house. If you have any questions, contact our specialists, who will help you make the right choice.

Private House PVC Roof in Wayland, MA: ID Flat Roof Team in Action

Project Description

ID Flat Roof is a certified PVC roof installer. This time the task was to install a new roof on a private home with a low-pitched roof type with regular shingles. In addition, there were multiple objects on the surface of the roof:

  • 2 skylights.
  • 1 chimney.
  • Multiple pipes.
Factory-made accessories pipe flashing
Factory-made accessories pipe flashing

First, our roofers removed the old shingles, then inspected and repaired the roof deck. The next step was to install ISO insulation (1″ Polyiso insulation) and PVC covering material (80-mil dark bronze PVC membrane).

PVC membrane installed on low-slope and flat roof areas
PVC membrane on low-slope and flat roof areas

In addition, roofers carried out additional PVC roof installation tasks:

  • Installation of 3″ PVC-coated drip edge.
  • Installation of Factory-made accessories – inside and outside corners, pipe flashing, roof vents.
  • All seams and accessories were fused using hot air welders to form a single membrane throughout the roof.
  • Installation of color-matching PVC chimney flashing with custom-made aluminum counter-flashing.
PVC chimney flashing with custom made aluminum counter-flashing
PVC chimney flashing with custom-made aluminum counter-flashing

As you can see in the photos, when the project was completed, the house’s roof became modern-looking, neat, and completely sealed from leaks and ice dams. Such a roof is a decoration of any home.

All seams fused together using hot air welders
All seams fused using hot air welders
Skylights are protected from leaks with flashings
Flashings protect skylights from leaks
Skylight isolation
Skylight isolation

One of the Best Options for Residential Houses – PVC Roofing

PVC Roof Membrane is a material that is becoming more popular every year, replacing asphalt shingles and old-school rubber roofs.

This material has a lot of advantages, and roofing companies offer a wide range of membranes, including different colors and features like energy-saving options.

However, to experience all the advantages of this roofing material, it is necessary to contact roofing specialists who will design a new roof and do all the installation work with a quality guarantee.

PVC Low Pitch Roof Installation Newton

5 minutes

Without a doubt, Newton, MA, is one of the best cities close to Boston if you’re looking for a quiet, family-friendly area with good neighbors and a restful atmosphere. And with the best roofing companies.

What else do you need to be completely happy? Maybe a private house is the best option for a fulfilling suburban life.

If you live in Newton City, your house should meet local standards: look neat and reliably protect your family from bad weather, summer rains, and winter snowfalls. In other words, your property needs a reliable, durable, and stylish roof.

Roofing Company in Newton: Repair, Replacement, and Installation Services    

ID Flat Roof is a roofing contractor in Newton that provides a full range of roofing services in the city.

Need an urgent roof repair after a recent hailstorm? Are you tired of a constantly leaking roof? Want to replace worn-out roofing material with a modern alternative that does not need service and repairs every season?

ID Flat Roof experts will inspect the roof of your building and offer the best individual solution using top-tier materials and technologies. ID Flat Roof has all the necessary certifications for roofing in Newton, MA.

Our company provides a full range of roofing services in Newton, MA, for residential and commercial properties with flat and low-slope roofs:

  • Installation of new roofs (PVC, rubber, asphalt, metal, copper, and slate).
  • Renovation of roofs with partial replacement of worn or damaged roofing material.
  • Urgent repair and elimination of leaks.
  • Complete replacement of roofing and insulation material.
  • Installation of additional elements on the roof, like drip edge, flashings, and gutters (vinyl or metal).

Want to know more? Tell our experts about your roofing problems or plans, and we will estimate after the roof inspection.

Roofing Services in Newton: When to Call the Roofers

Our experience has shown that there are several common reasons to call professionals to solve roofing problems in Newton.

First is a roof repair task. You need a roof repair if lousy weather damaged your roof, strong winds blew a few shingles off the surface, or a fallen branch or hail damaged the roofing material. If you need an urgent roof repair in Newton, our team will approach you as quickly as possible.

The second reason to call roofers is severe roof damage. It is required if facing a damaged roof frame or insulating layer. That is a widespread Newton roofing problem, especially among old houses. The exact list of repair works is individual in each case. Specialists can draw up a work plan after a careful roof check.

Thirdly, it is worth contacting roofers if the roofing material is still functional but looks worn out. Our company is renovating and replacing roofs in Newton, MA. Partial or complete replacement is an opportunity to update the house’s exterior and increase its market value if you want to sell the property at the maximum price.

The fourth reason is the installation of new elements on your roof. Call us if you want to install drip edges, pipes, skylights, roof windows, flat roof decks, gutters, etc.!

Newton, MA, Roofing Services: Benefits You’ll Get with ID Flat Roof

  1. Our experienced and skilled roofers have been repairing, replacing, and installing roofs in Newton for many years. We know all the features of the local flat and low-slope roofs, climate, and common roof problems.
  2. We work with all popular roofing materials, but our priority is modern PVC membranes, ideal for flat roofs. This material is durable, strong, maintenance-free, sealed, 100% leakproof, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. We recommend PVC materials from a time-tested US manufacturer.
  3. Our roofers are ready to take on any challenge. We complete tasks from design and roof replacement in Newton, MA, to urgent repairs to an old roof and solve most acute problems within several or 1-2 hours.
  4. Our roofers are licensed professionals who install gutters and skylights, including custom and premium solutions. During the renovation and installation, our specialists use modern methods and materials to protect houses against leaks, ice dams, winds, etc.

PVC Low Pitch Roof Installation: Completed Project of ID Flat Roof

ID Flat Roof is a highly qualified local roofing company that provides a wide range of services, from the design and installation of new roofs to roof replacement in Newton, MA, and old flat roof renovation, including installing skylights, chimneys, and gutters.

PVC Low Pitch Roof - Newton MA
PVC Low Pitch Roof – Newton, MA

Project Description

The project was unique, with its complexities and nuances. The project was a low-pitch (3/12) roof with constant problems with ice dams along the roof edges and leaks in the valleys area. Moreover, it has:

  • Asphalt shingles mounted.
  • 2 large chimneys.
  • 9 skylights.
Pipe flashing, outside and inside corners
Pipe flashing, outside and inside corners

Materials and techniques used:

  • 80-mil Brown PVC membrane.
  • 1/2″ fan-fold insulation. Insulating materials reliably protect the roof from leaks.
  • 3″ Bronze PVC-coated drip edge.
  • Prefabricated color-matching accessories: pipe flashing, outside and inside corners, and 2-way vents.
  • Plastic snow guards over doors and along walkways for the comfort and safety of property owners.
  • Installation techniques used by ID Flat Roof specialists included the mechanically attached assembly, barbed 2″ plates, and hot-air welded seams.
PVC Flat Roof and Tennis Court - Newton Roofing
PVC Flat Roof and Tennis Court – Newton Roofing

With the help of a professional approach to modern materials and roofing technologies, we solved all problems with leaks and ice dams.

80-mil Brown IB Roof Systems PVC membrane
80-mil Brown PVC membrane

After the project was completed, the roof withstood the record-setting winter of 2014-2015 without a single issue and with no maintenance.

Large chimneys with flashing and anti-leak protection
Large chimneys with flashing and anti-leak protection
Large chimneys with flashing and anti-leak protection. Newton MA
Large vents with flashing and anti-leak shield. Newton, MA
Chimneys and Skylights
Chimneys and skylights
Three Skylights - Flat roof with 80-mil Brown IB Roof Systems PVC
Three skylights – Flat roof with 80-mil Brown PVC
IB Roof Systems PVC membrane. Sealed surface with hot-air welded seams
PVC membrane. Sealed surface with hot-air welded seams

ID Flat Roof: Newton, MA, Roofing Services

A modern, reliable, durable roof is the key to the comfort and safety of your life in Newton, without exaggeration.

To make the roof of your house reliable and neat, we recommend that you pay attention to advanced roofing materials and techniques. Another vital task for installing or renovating a roof is to find a certified local roofing contractor.

If you want to learn more about roof repair, installation, and replacement in Newton, MA, call or email the ID Flat Roof.

Metal Shingle and PVC Roof Installation Milton

5 minutes

Did you know the roof is the #1 protector of your home? Roofs protect us from the weather and create a cozy home space. Their integrity is crucial for every homeowner. Unfortunately, even the highest-quality roofing tends to get damaged and requires restoration or even re-installation with time. ID Flat Roof, your Milton roofing contractor, is at your service!

We offer you to repair or install the most reliable types of roofing in Milton and its neighborhoods. There are two basic roofing types we offer:

  • PVC membrane roofing.
  • Metal shingle roofing.

Both have many benefits, and we provide a complex approach to roofing in Milton to make your home’s roof durable, energy-efficient, and reliable.

Metal Shingles vs. PVC Roofing: What to Choose?

Both of these roofing materials are among the most popular. Metal shingles have been used for decades, proving their durability and high wind, water, and fire resistance. PVC membrane gained popularity in recent decades due to its ease of installation, impeccable fire protection, and wind resistance.

As for the choice of material, we have some tips for you from the point of view of Milton professional roof repair contractors.

  • If you have a flat roof or a low-pitch roof, metal shingles won’t do. For this type of roofing, PVC membrane will be a win-win.
  • Metal shingles will suit best roofs with more than 12-14 degrees slope.

You can contact ID Flat Roof’s managers for a more detailed consultation on the choice of roofing type.

Milton Roofing Contractor: Benefits of Metal Shingle Roofing

  • Great strength. The roofing retains its shape and integrity even when exposed to intense mechanical factors.
  • Stylish design. The metal tile imitates classic clay tiles and can be painted in various colors.
  • Cheapness and economy. This roofing material is among the cheapest.
  • Ease of installation. It’s easy and quick to mount.
  • The durability of metal shingles is high.

Benefits of PVC Cover for a Roof

  • PVC membrane does not combust, and its fire-fighting properties are among the best.
  • The ease of joining the membrane sheets: only a flow of hot air and a pressure welding roller is required.
  • Fast installation speed: a team of 3 qualified technicians can lay over 10,000 ft2 of PVC membrane per shift, i.e., the installation cost is minimal.
  • Mechanically strong.
  • Chemically neutral, withstands mechanical and thermal effects.
  • Does not require special maintenance after installation.
  • It is easy to repair damaged parts visible on the surface, thanks to the light upper and the dark lower layers.
  • Durability: the service life is at least 25-30, often 50 years.

Professional Services by ID Flat Roof Milton Roofers

Regarding installation and roof repair, it is worth trusting professional Milton roofers, not acting alone. Only pros can quickly detect problems and solve them using reliable technologies. That is what we offer for homeowners and commercial property owners in Milton.

Being Milton professional roofing contractors, we offer the scope of services for flat and slope roofs:

  • Preliminary inspection of the roof and estimate calculation for its installation/repair.
  • Help in choosing roofing materials and fastenings.
  • As Milton professional leak repair roofing contractors, we provide fast and effective leak detection for PVC and metal shingle roofing.
  • We offer effective roof repair, demolishing leakages, and restoring roofing in case of damage.
  • For home renovation, we also offer roof installation services. Both metal shingle roofing and PVC covering are available for Milton residents.

We meet all the highest expectations our customers may have!

Why Choose Our Company

ID Flat Roof is your loyal ally in the fight for the durability and cost-efficiency of your home’s roof. We work throughout Milton, MA, to provide residents with high-quality roof installation and repair services. Several principles guide our work:

  • A thorough inspection of the customer’s property to choose the best methods for installation and repair.
  • Only high-quality materials.
  • Our roofers are experienced pros.
  • We provide a guarantee for our work.

They make us the most trusted Milton, MA, roofing contractor for installation and repair.

Milton Roofing Contractor – ID Flat Roof – Roofing Projects in Boston, MA

A local architect designed and built this custom home on the outskirts of Boston.

Metal Shingles Installation in Milton MA
Metal Shingles Installation in Milton, MA

The homeowner approached us in January 2013 and asked to side and roof his newly constructed home in the coming weeks. He had already selected the metal roofing and siding for the project but had yet to choose a contractor and a material to use on his flat roofs and decks.

Milton Professional Roofing Contractors
Milton Professional Roofing Contractors

Once we proposed our durable PVC membranes, the homeowner made his choice; all we needed to proceed were the weather breaks.

Roofing Milton - Metal Shingles and PVC Roof
Roofing Milton – Metal Shingles and PVC Roof

The metal roofing and siding consisted of individual metal tiles. After the metal tile installation, we implemented the cedar siding.

Metal Roofing and Siding in Milton MA
Metal Roofing and Siding in Milton, MA

The unique profile of the metal tiles presented little challenge to our crew, and the project turned out to be a great success.

Unique profile of the metal tiles
The unique profile of the metal tiles

The flat, low-sloped sections and the decks now have an 80-mil thick PVC membrane.

Metal Shingles Installed by Milton MA Сontractors
Metal Shingles Installed by Milton, MA, Сontractors

The durability of the PVC membranes took preference over black rubber for various reasons.

Tiles Installation Milton MA
Tiles Installation Milton, MA

Since the homeowner installed composite decks over the membranes, seam strength and reliability were huge factors. Our PVC membranes with a waterproof seal at the seams ensure a worry-free system beneath the composite decking.

Milton Professional Roof Repair Contractors
Milton Professional Roof Repair Contractors

As with all our residential installations, this homeowner received a lifetime warranty on his flat roof materials, fully transferable over the next 25 years if he decides to sell the home.

Milton Professional Leak Repair Roofing Contractors
Milton Professional Leak Repair Roofing Contractors

Take advantage of working with reliable Milton, MA, contractors to make your roofing tip-top!

PVC Flat Roof Installation – Roofing Contractors Lexington MA

6 minutes

Flat roofs are an indispensable part of construction for various architectural styles. It is essential to use that type of roofing for commercial buildings, high-rise constructions, and private houses designed in hi-tech, modern, lofty, or futuristic styles. A flat roof needs a unique approach to its covering and future roofing maintenance. Choose ID Flat Roof, your reliable roofing contractor in Lexington, MA, for all your Lexington roofing routines.

What Are the Best Roofing Types for a Flat Roof

The main structural difference between a flat roof and its pitched counterparts is a slight surface slope not exceeding 1-3%. Raindrops falling on such a plane do not roll down but linger on it. And, of course, the roof may leak even if there is a slight crack. However, when choosing suitable roofing materials, the disadvantages become insignificant.

What materials should a homeowner choose for roofing in Lexington, MA? Get expertise from our pros!

Don’t get into the trap of fashion trends when choosing the roofing. For example, when all your neighbors with slopped roofs choose metal shingle roofing, be sure it is not worth your attention for a flat roof. The best materials for roofing in your case are going to be:

  • Bituminous roll materials.
  • PVC membranes.
  • Mastics.

Based on our experience as roofing contractors in Lexington, MA, PVC membrane is the best option for high quality and reasonable pricing. Tar membrane is a two-layer linen that can be installed easily by several methods. Heat it with hot air to make it closer to the roof surface.

The main benefits of this roofing type are diverse enough for even a sophisticated homeowner with multiple requirements to appreciate them.

  • It is incredibly durable, as the expiration time for a PVC membrane is 30+ years.
  • It is fireproof and does not maintain any ignition.
  • It is also windproof and waterproof.
  • PVC is an energy-efficient material that protects your inner premises from heating in summer and does not allow heated air to come from it during the cold seasons.

How to Understand Your Flat Roof Needs Repair

What can indicate that your roof needs repair and it’s time for you to look for Lexington roofing repair contractors? You can figure it out with the help of this list:

  • Cracks appeared on the surface of your roof during the preliminary inspection.
  • The roof covering folded or slipped.
  • Your roof has been mechanically damaged (by hail, stones, or wind gusts).
  • PVC sheets peeled off and lost their tightness.
  • The coating is swollen, and moisture accumulates under it.

All these cases require the intervention of professionals because your health and the integrity of your home depend on their timely elimination.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Lexington, MA. Apply For ID Flat Roof’s Services

When you need help from a professional roof installation and repair company, we are at your side! ID Flat Roof can handle every problem with your flat roof and solve it quickly for a reasonable price.

We offer Lexington roof repair services and installation for all flat roofs for commercial and private properties.

Our team consists of experienced technicians who know precisely how to fix any breakdown and how to install the roofing in the best possible way.

Look at the project we’ve developed and performed for one of Lexington’s private homes. You can get through the whole process and see what an impeccable roofing installation process for a flat roof should look like.

How Do We Work: The Explanation of the Project We Developed in Lexington, MA

This home in Lexington, MA, suffered from leaks on the tar and gravel roof and needed a permanent solution to solve the low-sloped roofing problems. With a slope of less than 3:12, the only viable options were standing seam metal or a membrane roofing system (asphalt shingle manufacturers DO NOT recommend their products on low-sloped roofs, although many roofing contractors will install them regardless).

Low Slope Roof Lexington MA
Low Slope Roof Lexington, MA

We proposed adding rigid insulation and an 80-mil PVC single-ply membrane with a warranty, and the homeowners knew they found the answers they sought.

Preparing Surface for PVC Roof Installation Lexington MA
Preparing Surface for PVC Roof Installation, Lexington, MA

We removed the failing tar and gravel roof system and discovered damaged plywood and fascias from the leaking that had occurred over some time. We replaced the damaged plywood and fascias, installed a perimeter nailer to the entire roof edge, installed a PVC-coated edge metal, and added 3.3 inches of rigid insulation to achieve an R-20 insulating value.

Process of Roof Installation
Process of Roof Installation

We then installed an 80-mil thick white PVC membrane with a lifetime materials warranty and our ten-year workmanship warranty (and added snow guards for good measure), and the homeowners couldn’t be happier.

Chimneys on PVC Roof
Chimneys on the PVC Roof

With the white membrane, which reflects nearly 90% of the sun’s rays, keeping the house up to ten degrees more relaxed than a black rubber roof, the homeowners were eligible for an Energy Tax Credit. Also, they benefitted greatly from the added R-20 insulation.

PVC Roof Installed in Lexington MA
PVC Roof Installed in Lexington, MA

A lifetime materials warranty from the manufacturer backs this new roof. The family-owned business was founded in 1978 in Eugene, OR, and to this day, their roof systems are performing without concern 35 years later.

PVC Roof on the Flat Roof Lexington
PVC Roof on the Flat Roof, Lexington

This is an excellent example of a low-sloped roof system, a specialty of our roofing contractors in Lexington, MA, that will save homeowners a significant amount of money over the next few decades.

Do not waste time waiting for your roof to fall into disrepair. Get in touch with the ID Flat Roof team to renovate it or install the best roof covering in Lexington, MA.

The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Regular inspections are a crucial part of maintaining the health of your flat roof. These inspections can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems, saving you time and money in the long run. In Lexington, MA, weather conditions can be harsh and unpredictable, leading to wear and tear on your roof. Regular inspections by professionals like ID Flat Roof can help ensure that your roof is always in the best possible condition, ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Choosing the right roofing contractor is as important as selecting the right material. You want an experienced, reliable company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. ID Flat Roof has been serving the Lexington, MA, community for years, providing top-notch roofing services to both commercial and residential properties. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to ensuring that every project we undertake is completed to the highest standards. We understand the unique challenges of installing and maintaining flat roofs, and we’re equipped to handle them all. Trust us to keep your flat roof in optimal condition, providing the protection and efficiency you need.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Solution for Your Flat Roofing Needs

In conclusion, while unique in design and functionality, flat roofs require specialized care and attention. The choice of roofing material is critical, with PVC membranes emerging as a top choice due to their durability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. However, even the best materials are ineffective without proper installation and maintenance. That’s where ID Flat Roof comes in. With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, we provide top-tier roofing services in Lexington, MA. Whether it’s a repair job or a new installation, our team of experts is ready to deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations. Remember, a well-maintained roof is key to the longevity of your property. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike.

Contact ID Flat Roof today, and let us handle all your flat roofing needs.

PVC Flat Roof Installation Lincoln | ID Flat Roof

5 minutes

Today, when building a house, architects and engineers often prefer a flat roof to other types of roofing. This option not only allows you to save on building materials and increase the living space of the upper floors or attics but also complements many modern architectural styles for which a pitched or domed roof does not fit aesthetically. At the same time, the flat roof installation has unique features because of the lack of slope, meaning higher requirements for loads and drainage.

PVC Flat Roof Installation
PVC Flat Roof Installation

ID Flat Roof offers PVC roofing installation and replacement services throughout Lincoln, MA. We approach the design and implementation of flat roof projects from the perspective of professionals because, in addition to the basic requirements, you need to know what best materials for a flat roof replacement, how to install it correctly, and how further to maintain the integrity and strength of the roof.

Our team, over the years of experience in the roofing business, has come to an obvious conclusion. Today, PVC membrane is the optimal material for covering a flat roof. We will tell you more about what qualities make this material the best and how PVC membrane roofing is installed in Lincoln’s climate.

What to Consider When Starting a Flat Roof Installation

Flat roofs are often used in modern high-rise buildings, administrative and industrial buildings, and suburban construction. In the latter case, they are most famous for low-rise buildings or outbuildings. They are indispensable for houses in Scandinavian or Japanese architectural styles, in high-tech, loft, modern, and minimalist projects.

However due to a weak slope or its complete absence, flat roofs must meet the following requirements to protect homeowners from poor weather reliably.

  • A flat roof should provide reliable protection against rain and meltwater and have a sufficient slope so that precipitation does not linger on it.
  • The structure should not deteriorate under the influence of severe frosts, the scorching rays of the sun, sudden temperature changes, and intense hail.
  • It should perfectly cope with the heat-insulating function.
  • All roof materials must be fire-resistant.
  • The roof must withstand heavy loads from accumulating snow, ice, or rain. Impact resistance is equally important to prevent leaks and protect it from falling branches or wind-blown debris.

The first step to meet all these conditions is to determine the best flat roof material and select a reliable manufacturer.

Choosing the Best Material for Flat Roof Replacement or Installation

Sheet or roll materials are usually the best for flat roof installation. These options were not chosen by chance as they are:

The most popular flat roof materials are asphalt, polyiso, and membranes (EPDM or PVC). Today, a PVC membrane is the best possible option for a flat roof. There are five reasons for this:

  • Its durability. PVC membrane retains integrity under the most difficult climatic conditions. It is resistant to winds and mechanical damage. The average service life of such material is at least ten years, but as practice shows, a membrane flat roof can last 50 years with proper installation and maintenance.
  • High vapor permeability and excellent waterproofing. If a professional contractor lays the PVC membrane on your roof, condensation will not occur. In addition, the PVC membrane does not require additional lining materials for waterproofing and vapor barrier.
  • Easy installation. A small set of tools is enough to install a PVC flat roof. First of all, rollers and a professional hot-air welder. Also, there are several methods of PVC roofing installation, depending on the design features and area. PVC membrane installation is effective on any roof area, including on top of other roofing material for roof repairs.
  • Incombustibility and tolerance to aggressive environments. PVC membrane has low flammability and does not deform when in contact with chemicals. It is enough to sweep snow deposits, fallen leaves, and debris for maintenance. In practice, this means compliance with high safety requirements and ease of use.
  • A minimum of seams further strengthens the design and minimizes the likelihood of leaks.

All these features make the PVC membrane an absolute must-have for flat-roof houses.

PVC Membrane as the Best Choice for Lincoln Flat Roofing

Choose PVC membrane roofing in Lincoln specifically for its high resistance to temperature fluctuations common to the local climate. It can withstand heavy rains and snowfalls while protecting the house from tornadoes and harsh winds.

The Sample of ID Flat Roof Roofing Installation in Lincoln

To ensure that PVC roofing fits your expectations, look at the project we recently performed in Lincoln, MA.

Photos before installing pvc flat roof
Photos before installing PVC flat roof
Installation process for PVC Flat Roof
The installation process of PVC Flat Roof
PVC Flat Roofing
PVC Flat Roofing

Our next project, a house in Lincoln, MA, has a several-year-old addition with a roof that changes its pitch from very steep at the top to almost flat towards a lower portion. The flat section of the roof had asphalt shingles, which created two problems: skylights started to leak, and massive ice dams started to form during the wintertime, allowing the thawing water to get under the shingles and inside the house. To fix these problems, we removed old asphalt shingles and installed a new 50-mil PVC membrane, mechanically attached over ½ inch Styrofoam insulation with bronze PVC-coated drip edge to match the existing fascia color.

Then, we installed the insulation and PVC membrane so that the upper part of the PVC flashing would go about 10 inches up under the remaining portion of the roof. We had to use a separate sheet (GAF Deck Armor) to avoid contact between the PVC membrane and asphalt shingles to avoid asphalt damaging the membrane.

On the chimney, we removed the old LED counter flashing. Then we installed new flashing made of PVC membrane with white aluminum counter flashing, two new skylights, and a bathroom pipe. We also had to remove about 10 inches of the existing red cedar siding to allow proper wall flashing installation.

After the installation, the roof became watertight, and the issues that forced the homeowner to replace it resolved themselves. If ice dams form again, water won’t get under the roof because all seams are welded with hot air, creating a single piece of membrane on the top. And let’s not forget the lifetime warranty IB PVC roofing material has!

PVC membrane for flat roofing is a win-win idea, especially regarding Massachusetts’ natural climate in Lincoln, MA. When applying for experienced contractors’ services, with the help of PVC membrane, your flat roof will be installed within a day. ID Flat Roof offers such a service. We guarantee all our clients the highest quality and speed of roofing repair or installation in Lincoln.

Shed Dormers Roofing: How to Choose and What to Do With It

6 minutes

The ability to expand the space of your home is invaluable. For many families, the problem of increasing usable living space is particularly acute. If you have children, you need a separate office for remote work, or you want to create a recreation area in your home, you should think about how to increase the functional part of ​​​​your house. One of the most effective solutions is a shed dormer with a flat roof.

Shed Dormers Roofing
Shed Dormers Roofing

This term refers to an extension located on the house’s upper floors. Moreover, the design of the shed dormer and the roofing options for it can be very different.

Roofing is one of the most challenging tasks in designing and constructing shed dormers. The integrity, reliability of the roof, the choice of materials, and the quality of the roofing installation largely determine how energy efficient and comfortable the dormer will be for living. At ID Flat Roof, we know the answers to the most exciting questions about a shed dormer roof. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

What Is Shed Dormer and What Options of that Construction Are the Most Effective for Living Space Expansion

There are two basic living space expansion methods on the upper floor of a house.

  • The extension of the wall below allows the creation of a full-fledged room. Imagine extending the wall underneath and getting a terrace. Then you need to build the walls and get a proper dormer roofing.
  • Another kind of shed dormer can be bumped up from a roof plane. In that case, you get a mezzanine or an attic attached to the roof plane. It looks more stylish yet requires more attention to the choice of materials than a flat roof dormer

Which one to choose? That depends on the initial plan of the construction and, foremost, on the height of the shed dormer’s window related to the eave height of the house. In any case, developing a shed dormer with a flat roof is easier.

Benefits of a Shed Dormer With a Flat Roof

Shed dormer not only allows you to equip a cozy and functional room under the roof. Due to its flat roof, this option has several critical advantages:

  • Proportional ceiling height and room area. Often attics aren’t comfortable for life due to the roof’s slope. A shed dormer with a flat roof is entirely devoid of this drawback.
  • Skylights are one of the most costly construction items. And you must admit that installing a roof window on a pitched roof will cost you much more, and there will be more requirements for such a window than for a shed dormer with flat roofing.
  • Roof options for a flat dormer are much more diverse. To begin with, you can use the most inexpensive types of roofing, from rolled asphalt or bitumen, and then everything is just up to your imagination. It can be decorative tiles, corrugated boards, and polycarbonate sheets. At ID Flat Roof, we strongly recommend using a PVC membrane as roofing for dormers with flat roof construction. It will be a good solution in terms of price and quality of the roof.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Shed Dormer Rigid Roofing Materials

Clay tiles or metal roofing look more attractive. It’s in fashion. Yet it is still a bad idea regarding a flat roof on a shed dormer. Why so? It is worth paying attention to the roofing material for an attic or shed dormer. Tops should be good-looking, practical, and functional, so they should be energy-efficient, durable, warm, and without water leakages. For example, we don’t recommend using rigid metal roofing materials, such as metal tiles, corrugated boards, seam roofing, etc. Why?

There are several reasons for this:

  • Thermal conductivity quality. Metal has poor thermal insulation qualities and transmits heat. And this means that you will need to apply a thick layer of insulation, which is more expensive. Otherwise, the attic will be cold in winter and hot in summer. That’s the opposite of comfort.
  • High noise level. Everyone has heard the sound that metal makes when rain falls on it. The noise is loud and obnoxious. No one will be pleased to live in an attic when the rain drums on the roof and does not give rest.

So it turns for an attic, it is better to use a soft roof, bituminous roofing, or the best choice – a PVC membrane.

Merits of a PVC Membrane Roofing

A shed with a flat roof should withstand several factors to provide the homeowner maximum comfort. These factors are:

  • Absence of extraneous noise. High sound absorption is a must for a shed dormer because this room is often used as a bedroom.
  • Protection against heating. Nothing is worse than an overheated roof that radiates heat into the interior. Since the shed dormer is the highest room in the house, it heats up the fastest. And for this room’s roofing, low thermal conductivity is vital.
  • Good insulation. It applies to waterproofing and thermal insulation. A shed dormer roof should not allow heat from the inside to escape and not give access to moisture.
  • High strength. Wind resistance is crucial for shed dormer roofing in regions with high hurricane and tornado activities. A flat roof often suffers from the accumulation of debris on it, the sticking of snowdrifts, and icing.

Separately, it is necessary to draw attention to the materials’ features and the specifics of the arrangement. There are a few rules to keep in mind here:

  • All materials for work with the dormer should be light in weight so as not to load the structure.
  • Impregnations and antiseptics necessarily protect wooden elements to avoid rotting.
  • Finishing inside is done with lightweight profiles and drywall.
  • Thermal insulation materials should be high quality and light.
  • It is essential to provide high-quality waterproofing and vapor barrier.

It is worth choosing a PVC membrane for a shed dormer to meet all these conditions. The advantages of this material are diverse:

  • It has high moisture resistance.
  • Good strength indicators.
  • Optimal elasticity and extensibility.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Resistance to aggressive environmental influences.
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35 to +80 degrees.
  • A sufficient level of vapor permeability ensures stable diffusion of moisture.
  • It complies with the fire safety regulations.

Combining these features makes PVC membrane a win-win idea for your shed dormer’s flat roof.

Besides, in ID Flat Roof, you can evaluate a case of a shed dormer installation using a PVC membrane we’ve provided to a household in North Attleboro.

PVC Roof Installation on a Shed Dormer, North Attleboro, MA

A shed dormer is a popular way to expand living space without building an addition. Shed dormers have almost flat or very low-pitched roofs, and if covered with traditional roofing materials, like asphalt shingles or rolled asphalt, they tend to leak and allow ice dams to build up. A rolled PVC membrane is an excellent solution to leakages and ice dams. It fits flat and low-sloped roofs, carries a lifetime material warranty, and reflects a lot of sunlight, keeping the space cool.

Flat Roof On Shed - North Attleboro
Flat Roof On a Shed – North Attleboro

We used a 50-mil white PVC membrane for this project, mechanically attached over ½-inch Styrofoam insulation. Initially, there was one layer of asphalt shingles on the roof, but since the roof deck was in great shape, we decided to leave them and go over the top, which essentially cut the cost for the homeowner. We cut back shingles along the edges, removed the old drip edge, and installed a 6-inch wide pressure-treated nailer to allow proper PVC-coated drip edge installation. In this case, we decided to weld the membrane directly to the drip edge (as opposed to the method when the drip edge goes on top of the membrane and then the 6-inch stripes are welded over), and we used extra screws every 6 inches to hold drip edge in place tight.

Flat Roof Dormer - North Attleboro Massachusetts
Flat Roof Dormer – North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Because this roof had a ridge vent on it, we installed a pressure-treated 2×4 stud along the ridge and wrapped it with a pre-welded PVC flashing piece to serve the purpose of a substrate for the new ridge vent and ridge cap installation.

Shed With Flat Roof - North Attleboro
Shed With a Flat Roof – North Attleboro

Another possible problem is snow slides during the winter. Usually, it is OK on flat or almost flat roofs but shed dormers typically have a substantial pitch (somewhere between 2 and 4). In addition, a wet PVC membrane is pretty slippery. These two issues can be causes of snow slide formation. Since our client had a big porch under the roof section, we decided to install plastic snow guards – every foot in a staggered formation. To ensure the proper installation, we mounted another 6-inch pressure-treated nailer piece one foot above the one along the edge. We used special screws with rubber gaskets to hold the snow guards in place and SolarSeal 900 sealant between the snow guard and the roof to cover the screws up. We also installed two 5-inch two-way vets to ensure proper condensate evaporation from under the membrane.

As you can see, developing a shed dormer project is a manageable task when you know what materials to choose. In the case of roofing, it is a PVC membrane that meets the most sophisticated requirements of a homeowner for the comfort and energy efficiency of a shed dormer.

PVC Weston, MA, Roofing Repairs and Installation

4 minutes

Before a PVC roof membrane installation, it is necessary to install any insulation board. We use EPS foam or ISO insulation during Weston roofing repairs in Massachusetts. These two insulation boards have R-values ranging from 4 to 6. They help reduce heat loss and provide a more stable and long-lasting solution.

Various Ways to Install PVC Roofs | Weston Roofing

There’s a wide range of methods to install a PVC membrane. The most common one is to use a hot-air welder. It ensures that the seams are strong and prevents wind blow-off and leaks. When choosing the right time to install the roof, consider the temperature of the welder. Since the temperature of the process is very important to ensure that the bond is strong, it should be adjusted upward in the winter.

Hot-air welding on all roof surfaces ensures the material overlaps will last longer than those on other roof systems. This method is also more cost-effective than the use of solvent-based glue. Since you can do it in the winter, it does not require adhesives, which can prevent installation or roof repair.

Weston Roofing Repairs – Fully-Adhered Assembly

A simple method of roof membrane installation using a unique adhesive usually involves attaching a membrane to the substrate with a short adhesive strip. However, this method can be hazardous if the membrane gets loose due to moisture under it. It can cause the adhesive to break and allow wind blow-off.

Although the wind’s chances of causing a blown-off roof are minimal, the consequences of this can be severe. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace a damaged roof. To minimize this risk, you should use a full-adhered roof installation method.

This method suits cases when screws and other types of hardware can’t easily attach to the PVC membrane. In this case, you should connect the insulation board to the roof using adhesive. This method we used while performing Weston roofing repairs will allow you to minimize the roof deck damage.

A fully-adhered roof membrane along the perimeter will improve the wind uplift and prevent the formation of flutter. This method eliminates the risk of this happening in a mechanically-attached system.

Caution: A fully-adhered roof membrane should only be used if the ambient temperature is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature reaches over 40 degrees, the adhesive will freeze and cause delamination and bubbles.

Mechanically-Attached PVC Roof

Another way to install a fully-adhered roof membrane is by using barbed plates and heavy-duty screws. This method ensures the wind won’t tear off the roof. This method is ideal in an area with high wind speeds.

Ballasted Installation PVC

A ballasted installation is similar to a traditional roof membrane installation in that it involves laying the roof membrane across the substrate while a ballast holds it in place. This type of roof membrane is usually made of materials such as washed river rock and concrete pavers.

PVC Roof Installation in Weston | ID Flat Roof, MA

Unlike the majority of homeowners, our client did his homework. He had a problem with his rubber roof (which was only a few years old and yet had multiple leaks along the skylights, chimney, and lower side of the top) and was looking for a permanent and more efficient solution. He already knew about the material, so after some consideration, we decided to go with a 50-mil white PVC Membrane, mechanically attached.

Another issue he had was the upper bedrooms getting too hot during the summer, so we chose a 3.3-inch ISO insulation. Another reason for choosing such insulation was the 30% tax credit that Massachusetts offers.

After the two layers of the old roof removal (old rubber and rolled asphalt under it), we discovered that water significantly damaged the roof deck.

weston roofing repairs - mechanically attached PVC
new 3/8 inch plywood - weston roofing

Water was getting under the rubber constantly, so some of the fascia boards had to be replaced, and a new 3/8 inch plywood was installed over the old roof deck.

While performing Weston roof repair, we also decided to raise and tilt all three skylights to prevent snow from covering them during the winter, so we built the new skylight curbs.

Tilting the skylights also prologs their service life because if they are too flat, water will sit on their surface for a long time, little by little getting under the rubber seal and gradually destroying it, especially during winter. And finally, we built 3.3-inch pressure-treated parapets along the roof’s perimeter to match the new insulation height and serve as a nailer for the drip edge.

In this Weston roofing project, we installed the PVC membrane using the mechanically attached method, a 6-inch PVC pipe through the roof for the future range hood and used pre-manufactured PVC flashings for the pipes.

Using pre-manufactured outside corners, we flashed Skylight curbs and the chimney with the same membrane as the main roof.

Then our roofers installed aluminum counter-flashing on the chimney, a gravel stop along the three sides of the roof to prevent water from getting off the top on the sides, and a regular drip edge along the lower side.

PVC membrane was installed

The new aluminum fascia was installed to cover up the new parapets. And finally, we installed a new 6-inch seamless gutter with two 3×4-inch downspouts to handle the water load from the roof. ID Flat Roof completed this Weston roofing project in late November with temperatures swinging around 32 degrees Fahrenheit – well below the threshold allowed for EPDM rubber.

weston roofing - ready pvc
the whole house

Lenox, MA, Roofing Services by ID Flat Roof

6 minutes

The matter of choice among roofing contractors in Lenox, MA, often becomes a real headache for homeowners. There are lots of factors that impact the quality of roofing services provided by a specific roofing company. As usual, they are as follows:

  • Working with all types of roofing in Lenox, MA, without the age difference, kind of material, wear degree, etc.
  • Providing all types of services a homeowner may need for their roof.
  • Offering fair prices for high-quality services provided by the roofing contractor.
  • Getting only positive customer reviews.

All these factors are crucial when you need to get services for your roofing in Lenox, MA. And we have something to offer you in ID Flat Roof.

roofing lenox ma

Types of Services for Your Roof by ID Flat Roof

Our company performs installation and repair work for households and commercial real estate which have a flat roof. This type of roof is prevalent today because it requires minimal cover investment, is easy to repair, and is reliable. In addition, a flat roof allows you to effectively use the roof space, for example, equip it with a balcony or terrace.

At the same time, a flat roof is more challenging to install than it seems at first glance. It needs regular inspection and maintenance and, if necessary, repair. Therefore, the range of services for owners of buildings with flat roofs is extensive.

Our company offers you its services when it comes to the following situations:

  • Installation of flat roof roofing in Lenox, MA.
  • Inspection and diagnosis of flat roof leaks in private and commercial buildings.
  • Repair services for a flat roof of any type.
  • Partial roof replacement or a complete roof replacement in Lenox, MA.
  • Consultation on the selection of materials and methods of installation of a flat roof in Lenox, MA.

Let’s get into detail about the most in-demand services that we offer.

Check our Flat Roof Calculator

High-Quality Roof Replacement in Lenox, MA

For a flat roof, its durability has been counted for decades. Yet improper maintenance, occasional damage, or heavy rains can considerably shorten that term. In that case, you may need to provide a roof replacement in Lenox, MA. That’s what our technicians can do for you.

We thoroughly inspect the roof of your property to decide whether you need an overall replacement of roofing or if a simple repair will be enough to keep it intact and fully protected from leakage.

Then we can offer you our expertise to decide on the type of roofing materials for a high-quality roof replacement in Lenox, MA. There are several options in a row to choose from. Some homeowners may choose cheaper bitumen materials, while there are good alternatives we work with. There is more information about that below.

Roofing Installation for Flat Roof Buildings in Lenox, MA

High-quality roofing is one of the most tremendous problems for new homes and construction. The roof should be reliable and durable and shouldn’t cost sky-high. Besides, for each homeowner, there is one crucial feature. We discuss the roof’s energy efficiency as it can considerably reduce heating and electricity bills.

That is what we offer in ID Flat Roof. Get reliable roofing for your flat roof construction installed by skilled technicians who can guarantee its quality and make all the work tip-top.

Consulting Services for Homeowners in Lenox, MA

Besides our practical roofing skills, we gladly share our expertise with our customers. If you need to know what type of roof is right for your home, we can help you find it. If you need advice on the maintenance and repair of your roof, we are here for you! Everything you need to know about flat roofing, our experts know.

What Makes ID Flat Roof One of the Best Roofing Contractors in Lenox, MA

Of course, our company is one of many roofing service providers in Lenox, MA. But some features make our services the best choice for clients who want high-quality roofing services without overpaying.

  • We work exclusively with flat types of roofing. This narrows the range of our possibilities but ensures complete immersion in the problem. We know everything about a flat roof, we constantly use innovative technologies and materials, and we are looking for non-standard solutions for the individual needs of our customers.
  • We have impressive experience and an extensive portfolio of completed projects for installing and replacing flat roofs. You can see examples of our work on our website.
  • We do not disregard even small requests. If you need to repair a small area of the roof, we are ready to help you.
  • Our prices are reasonable. We give an accurate price calculation immediately after inspecting and diagnosing the roof’s condition.
  • Our crews work in all areas of Lenox, MA.

What Types of Flat Roofs We Work With

Our specialists were trained to work with high-tech flat roofs, including installing PVC-membrane roofing, polymer coatings, bituminous roofing, and other modern construction and repair types. We do not refuse to provide services in replacing and repairing classic kinds of roofs, such as metal tiles or slate roofs, so you are welcome to apply for them in ID Flat Roof. We provide you with a full range of services, including the following:

  • calculation of the estimated cost of replacing or installing a roof of your chosen type,
  • assistance in the selection and purchase of materials for the top,
  • inspection of the old roof and diagnosis of its leaks using modern methods and techniques,
  • repair and replacement of part of the roof to restore its integrity,
  • complete replacement of the top of private and commercial property, regardless of the roofing area,
  • installation of a roof on building objects of any height and size.

All you need for this is to contact our managers conveniently. Our masters will quickly arrive at your site to inspect and calculate the required work. And you can always count on our support and advice.

Among other strong qualities of PVC Roof System, such as great looks and lifetime warranty, comes a wide variety of accessories, colors, and footprints. Even though white is the most popular color due to its reflecting properties, not everybody likes it or cannot install it. For example, one client could not use a white roof because it would blind people passing through the hill near his house. That’s why it came up with various colors (a full-color chart can be found here).

This article describes the installation of the PVC membranes – basically, it is the same membrane, only with the image of the architectural shingles printed on them. The owner of the recently built house in Lenox, MA, decided that he wanted to make the screened porch with a flat roof and to match the gray shingles on the main house, we decided to go with Gray PVC Membrane.

roof replacement lenox ma
roofing lenox ma

It has a similar installation procedure to the regular PVC membrane (mechanically attached with two-inch barbed plates over ½ inch fan fold insulation) except that it’s welded right to the drip edge, unlike the regular membrane, where the drip edge goes over. Then 6-inch stripes are fused on top. In the case of PVC Membrane, you can’t do it because it would break the pattern of the shingles.

The wall flashing is done with the same membrane and 10 inches up to the wall so the siding board can cover it to make it completely watertight.

Even from a short distance, it is hard to tell the difference between real shingles and those painted on the membrane. Another thing worth mentioning is that the whole project was done in one day with the temperature being 18 degrees Fahrenheit – it shows that because PVC roofs are hot air welded rather than glued, they can be installed all year round, unlike EPDM rubber.

roofing contractors lenox ma
installation of the IB Traditions

This combination of positive attributes makes ID Flat Roof one of the best contractors in the area. You can also read reviews about our work left by the company’s clients. They speak better than any words about the professionalism and quality of our work.

Flat Roof Installation Lynn | ID Flat Roof, MA

6 minutes

Flat Roofing Lynn MA has long ceased to be the choice of only administrative buildings and multi-unit condominiums. Today, many owners choose this type of roof for private houses because a flat roof fits perfectly into modern architectural styles.

Roofing Lynn, MA
Roofing Lynn, MA

Besides, this type of roof has other advantages:

  • It is easy to install and allows you to choose different materials.
  • A flat roof will enable you to use the roof space to arrange balconies or terraces.
  • Such a roof is very resistant to wind load and lousy weather.

Of course, even the highest-quality flat roof will require roof repair in Lynn, MA, over time, but even the repair and restoration of such a roof is much easier than other roof arrangements.
When you want your flat roof to serve you for a long time, you should carefully consider the choice of material for its coverage and be sure to use the services of experienced roofers. Non-professional installation of a flat roof is fraught with errors, which can lead to rapid wear of roofing materials, leaks, and depressurization of the roof. So, DIY roofing installation is dangerous for the integrity of the house’s structure and for its inhabitants’ health.

At ID Flat Roof, we offer only the highest-quality services for roofing in Lynn, MA. So, you can be sure our work will bring your home coziness and comfort.

Roofing in Lynn, MA: What Type of Material to Choose?

The first step towards a high-quality and reliable roof is the choice of materials. Today, on the market for roofing materials suitable for flat roofing, there are the following options available:

  • Weldable materials. This class includes bitumen, polymer, and bitumen-polymer roofing materials, for the installation of which the lower layer is heated. It becomes dense and sticky under a high temperature of 180-200 degrees, so it sticks to the base of the roof. The disadvantage of this laying method is that it is unsuitable for laying pavements on combustible substrates.
  • Self-adhesive. An adhesive layer is applied to self-adhesive materials protected by a unique film during production. To install such a coating, remove the protective film and press it firmly against the prepared base. Self-adhesive materials are suitable for small roofs and repairing leaks and cracks, as they are more expensive than welded ones. The advantage of this laying method is that it does not require heating.
  • Bulk material. The pourable materials for flat roofs solve the main problem of built-up, self-adhesive coatings – poorly insulated seams between the strips and the resulting leaks. “Liquid rubber” or “liquid roofing material” is a coating based on synthetic rubbers or elastomers used for roof waterproofing. The advantage of this method of creating flat roofs is that you don’t need to preheat them. You must apply it to the base with a broad brush or roller.

At the same time, it is also worth considering the price because some types of roofing materials may be unnecessarily expensive. According to this criterion, the best roofing for a flat roof is PVC membrane. You can install both with the help of fastening with special fasteners and using a self-adhesive base. The membrane needs treatment with hot air to seal the seams and fit better to the bottom. It is the material of choice at ID Flat Roof because it covers any area of the roof quickly and reliably. You can use it for custom roof shapes, and it is non-flammable, non-toxic, waterproof, and inexpensive.

What to Consider When Choosing a Contractor for Flat Roof Installation

There are several roofing companies in Lynn, MA, and the choice can be difficult when you want a proper flat roof installation or repair. What to consider when hiring roofing contractors for Lynn, MA households?

  • Pay attention to what materials and technologies the contractors use. Installing a waterproofing layer and using non-combustible materials is mandatory for a flat roof.
  • Choose not the most expensive roofing contractors but not the cheapest ones either. Most often, the latter use low-quality materials or lack experience in installation.
  • Read reviews. Today, customer reviews are a powerful tool. The reviews of those who have already used the services of a roofing company will help you accurately form an opinion about its competence.
  • Look at examples of roofers’ work. A self-respecting contractor always has a portfolio and is ready to provide it to clients.

To make your choice easier, rate ID Flat Roof against all these criteria. Our specialists are the best in the area for the quality and speed of installing and repairing flat roofs.

What to Consider When Planning Flat Roof Installation or Renovation

When you have already chosen a contractor, it is also essential to consider several things at once. First, invite experts to assess the roof’s condition, measure its area and evaluate the features.

Also, check what materials the professionals you hire use. If the roof has features, find the company’s solutions for problems. And it is worth clarifying how quickly the specialists will complete the work, what guarantees they give for its performance, and the conditions for interaction with the contractor in case of unforeseen situations.

Why ID Flat Roof is the Best Contractor in Lynn, MA

The easiest way to ensure that ID Flat Roof will perform flawlessly on your home’shome’s installation and roof repairs is to look at completed projects in your area. We invite you to look closer at how ID Flat Roof repaired a flat roof in an old private home with roof slope problems towards the center.

Even though this was a relatively big two-family house with a roof of about 1200 sq. feet, it only had one 3-inch drain in the middle.

The roof was originally tar & gravel, and naturally, after a couple more new layers, it lost its slope towards the middle of the top where the drain is. That caused water into the pond, worsening the situation and resulting in multiple leaks.

A roofing contractor charged $3500 and installed another patch right where water was ponding – naturally, the story repeated itself in no time. So, when we met the owner, he was very frustrated and angry about the whole story – costly repairs didn’t improve the situation.

Flat Roof Installation Process - roofing lynn ma
roofing companies in lynn ma - id flat roof

We decided to strip the top two layers, recreate the original slope, and install a 50-mill PVC membrane over ½ inch fan-fold insulation.

After finishing the strip, we discovered that because the water was getting under the roof for a long time, there were multiple places where the roof deck was utterly rotten and deteriorated. We even found a termite colony in one place (wood and moisture, talk about the better combination for termites!).

Another problem was the drain itself: after multiple repair attempts, it had some build-up around it, making it not the roof’s lowest point.

roof repair lynn ma - places where the roof deck was completely rotten and deteriorated
roofing contractors lynn ma - places where the roof deck was completely rotten and deteriorated

After repairing all rot damage and rebuilding the frame, we installed the membrane and a 6-inch wide pressure-treated wood nailer around all edges. Then we installed ½ inch thick insulation and started rolling out the membrane.

Our contractors replaced two old vents, wrapped the chimneys about two feet high, and terminated them with masonry anchors and a termination bar.

Installation process for Flat Roof

After all, we welded seams with hot air together – forming one continuous piece of membrane – now it was time to replace the drain. We cut the old piece out and installed a new 3-inch drain with a rubber gasket to prevent possible back-flow and an aluminum dome over it from preventing it from clogging with leaves and other debris. As a result – nice watertight roof, no ponding water, and one happy customer.

installed a new 3 inch IB drain with a rubber gasket to prevent possible back-flow and an aluminum dome over it
New Flat Roof

The best option for a flat roof installation and repair is available in Lynn, MA. It is the services of skilled technicians provided by ID Flat Roof. We’ll manage easily when your roof needs to be reliable and intact.

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