Aluminum Shingles Metal Roof and Rolled PVC Membrane Flat Roof Installation in Needham, MA

This project features two best alternatives to the conventional roofing materials: rolled PVC membrane instead of a rubber roof, and interlocking aluminum shingles instead of regular asphalt shingles.

Both roofing materials are considered to be permanent solutions requiring minimum to none maintenance.

Both metal and PVC roofs are also a great solution for the ice dams problem – once installed, water cannot find its way in because PVC membrane is welded together, to form one continuous piece and metal shingles are interlocking, preventing water from getting under the adjacent shingles.

Project description

  • Two-story colonial with pitched roof over main house and large addition with a flat roof
  • Remove existing roofing material, install new plywood
  • Interlocking aluminum shingles installed on the main house
  • PVC membrane installed on the flat section
  • Skylights, chimney and multiple pipes

Materials used

  • GAF DeckArmor breathable underlayment
  • Brown aluminum interlocking shingles
  • Custom made color matching aluminum accessories: valleys, drip edge, rake gables and ridge caps
  • 60-mil white PVC membrane
  • 1″ fiber board insulation
  • Snow guards over doors and walkways to prevent snow from sliding down in big chunks

Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation in Needham, MA

Metal Shingles and PVC Roof Installation in Milton, MA

This custom home was designed and built by a local architect in the outskirts of Boston.

The homeowner approached us in January of 2013 and needed his newly constructed home to be sided and roofed in the coming weeks. He had already selected the metal roofing and siding for the project but had yet to select a contractor nor a material to be used on his flat roofs and decks. Once we proposed our durable PVC membranes the homeowner had made his choice; all that was left was to find the weather breaks to proceed.

The metal roofing and siding consisted of individual metal tiles. Cedar siding was also implemented following the metal tile installation.

The unique profile of the metal tiles presented little challenge to our crew and the project turned out to be a great success.

The flat and low-sloped sections were roofed in an 80 mil thick PVC membrane, as were the decks. The durability of the PVC membranes took preference over black rubber for a variety of reasons. Since the homeowner is installing composite decks over the membranes, seam strength and reliability were huge factors. Our PVC membranes are heated and bonded for an impervious seal at the seams, ensuring a worry-free system has been installed beneath the composite decking.

As with all our residential installations, this homeowner received a lifetime materials warranty on his flat roofs, which is fully transferable over the next 25 years if he decides to sell the home.

Metal Shingles and PVC Membrane Roof Installation in Wayland, MA

This single-family home in Wayland, MA is a classic example of why asphalt roofing is a poor choice for a pitched roof and why metal shingles, although initially higher priced, are a worthwhile investment and could be the last roof system you ever need to purchase.

As you can see from the before photos, the 3-tab asphalt roofing has unsightly black stains that many people mistake for mold, when in fact the black stains are caused by a blue-green alga that feeds on components of the asphalt shingles. The black stains are an accumulation of dead cells from the algae, Gloeocapsa Magma, and once embedded into an asphalt roof are a pain in the neck to remove and keep at bay.

The asphalt roofing had also failed and the result was areas of rot in the plywood and wood fascias. Once we removed the failing asphalt, replaced the damaged plywood, and installed new PVC fascias we installed a Deckarmour synthetic underlayment followed by Vermont Blue metal shingles in the Stonecrest Slate profile from TAMKO. These metal shingles will not support the algae and will maintain their pristine appearance for decades.

We also installed new seamless gutters along with an 80 mil gray PVC flat roofing system with a lifetime materials warranty to the low sloped areas. As you can see we took a failing asphalt roof and installed long-lasting materials that won’t require anti-algae treatments or maintenance; a homeowner’s dream.

Advantages and Benefits of Metal Roof

Metal roofs (both metal shingles and standing seam panels) are a premium product on the roofing market, and even though it is more expensive than regular asphalt/fiberglass shingle over time it proves to be a more logical and least expensive choice.

Metal roofs have many advantages against traditional roofing materials and I want to explain them in more detail.

1. Metal roofing materials are much stronger than traditional roofing materials – which means that over time they won’t crack, break or peel or even get blown off with gusty winds.

2. They are much less sensitive to the elements, cold weather, UV, hail, and other natural surprises. they are more resistant to fire as well-meaning that the metal roof will last you longer. Most of the manufacturers give you 50 years limited lifetime warranty on their products.

3. Most of the metal roofing products are very light – as opposed to the regular (especially architectural style) asphalt shingles, they weigh only about one-third, thus there’s less pressure on the roof’s structural components.

4. Another very important aspect is appearance. Metal shingles usually come in three main styles – wood, slate, and tile and they all look great. The color choice for both metal shingles and standing seam panels is very wide too. All trim can be custom-made from the color matching coils to give your roof a complete look.

5. Most of the metal roofs are energy efficient – they can keep your house cooler during the summertime which results in lower electrical bills.

6. Metal roof is the perfect answer to the ice dam formation – you will never get ice dams on the metal roof, even if they have low pitch because the surface is pretty smooth and snow just slides down the roof instead of piling up. In general, metal roofs are pretty low maintenance.

7. There are certain benefits for the homeowner on the financial side – for example, some insurance companies have lower rates for houses with metal roofs. It also increases the resale value of the house.

8. Metal shingles and standing seam panels are environmentally friendly choices. Not just that, because they are not oil’s derivative like asphalt shingles their price is not dependable on the price of oil. It is also made of recyclable materials which is a big deal our days.

So with all these points in mind, you can really see, how paying a little more extra money upfront can actually save you more money and help avoid potential problems in the longer run.

Metal Shingles Roof Installation in Melrose, MA

Metal shingles are a premium roofing material which becomes more and more popular among homeowners because of it’s advantages and benefits.

This particular house had about 20 years old asphalt shingles roof, which was about time to replace. Because the old shingles were red and the homeowner liked the color of the roof we decided to go with Sequoya Red Tamco Metalworks shingles in the Astonwood profile.

Once the old roof was removed we discovered that the roof deck was made out of wood planks. It was in pretty good shape overall, almost no rot damage which shows that roof wasn’t leaking on the regular basis.

There were, however, gaps between the planks, and because metal shingles are held in place with clips and nails, and in some of the rows nails could land in those gaps, we decided to install ⅜ inch plywood on top of the existing deck.

After new plywood was in placed we installed breathable GAF DeckArmour underlayment.

Once this underlayment is installed the house is proved from leaks for up to six months, because it doesn’t let water in, but at the same time allows vapor to escape from under.

After that it we had to do a repair on a chimney. Chimneys and other roof penetrations should be an area of extra attention because majority of the leaks happen in these areas.

We took off a couple of brick rows, reinstalled them, and re-pointed the chimney. Color matching chimney flashing and counter-flashing was made using prefabricated sidewall and trim coil.

We always use the same color trim (such as sidewalls, rake gables, drip edges, and valleys) for all our metal roof installations.

Two rows of snow-guards were installed above each entrance to protect these areas from falling snow, as the roof surface is very smooth and snow tends to slide down as opposed to accumulating on the roof.

When all work was done house gained a very high-end look and one of the best roofing materials, which definitely going to increase its resale value and take one of the worries off of the homeowners’ mind.

Sequoya Red is also what Tamko calls a “cool color” meaning that these shingles will keep the house cooler during the summertime, which will result an a smaller electrical bill.

Metal Roof Installation in Attleboro, MA

This beautiful two story house an Attleboro, MA featured a lot of custom made brick masonry such as fences, walkways etc. No wonder, when the time came to replace the roof the owner decided to go with red. A Tamco stainless steel stone crest slate texture shingles in gorgeous Sequoya Red color were picked along with matching trim and flashings.

There was also a custom-made perforated drip edge ordered, to ensure the proper roof ventilation. There was also a standalone garage and shed that needed reroofing with the same metal shingles.

First of all we had to strip two layers of existing asphalt shingles and inspect the roof deck for any rot damage.

In general, it is a good idea to inspect a roof deck before installing a permanent solution such as metal shingles or IB membrane. After the strip was done we installed GAF Deck Armor breathable underlayment to make sure it was watertight. After putting drip edge and trim in place we started installing shingles themselves.

Two chimneys were flashed with custom made flashings from the color matching trim coil.

The shingles are interlocking, which means that they have locks on all four sides and each shingle in this system is held in place with six other shingles. After the shingles where done a metal ridge caps were installed on all ridges.

As the result – beautiful new roof that matched the house and brick fence with a lifetime warranty.

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