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The city of Attleboro in Massachusetts, includes lots of private houses that need roofing services as a part of their maintenance. Besides, lots of housing in this area have a flat roof plan. Choosing roofing contractors in North Attleboro, MA, is tricky, as not all roofers know how to install or restore flat roofs.

Fortunately, we, ID Flat Roof, are a reliable contractor that offers all kinds of roofing services for flat roofs both for the owners of private houses and commercial buildings in Attleboro.

Roofing Attleboro MA
Roofing Attleboro, MA

What Types of Flat Roofs Do We Work With?

The first question we should focus on when discussing roofing in Attleboro, MA, is what kind of roofs we deal with. We have professionals with a broad experience in flat roofing to tailor our services to your needs. And we offer services for commercial roofing in Attleboro, MA, that have flat roofs. So, the main focus of our company is flat roofs. Yet, if you need to repair your roof with a slight slope, our pros can consult you and provide the required services. Contact us via phone numbers listed on our Contact page to get in touch.

As for more specific detailing in our work, we offer installation and repair services for flat roofing in Attleboro, MA, including the following types:

Besides, we offer custom-tailored solutions for complex roofing constructions, like various installation and repair technologies and materials, to gain the perfect result.

Specifics of Flat Roofs and What to Consider When Choosing the Material

Another question our customers often ask concerns the selection of materials for flat roof installation. Based on our experience and roofing practices, we highlighted the most reliable types of flat roofing we use in our work.

Flat roofs have specific features that determine the choice of technologies and materials for roofing.

  • This type of roof construction has no slopes or minimal slopes, so water and snow don’t slide from it and tend to gather on the roof’s surface.
  • Thus, flat roofs need a drainage system to protect them from pooling on the surface.
  • Besides, flat roofs often provide additional house space to install a balcony or a terrace on it. That’s why roofing material should be durable and compatible with probable metal construction installation.
  • Energy efficiency is a cornerstone in today’s architectural trends. Sealing it and choosing a material with low heat dissipation is crucial for flat roofing. In this case, the interior of the premises will be warm in winter, and in the hot season, the roof will not heat the interior rooms.

We use these principles when we carry out flat roofing work. Besides, ID Flat Roof is an Attleboro, MA, roofer that uses only the finest quality, reliable materials. For our customers, we offer the following options for flat roofing materials:

  1. Bituminous roll materials. They are non-flammable, inexpensive, and waterproof. Due to the simple installation and material features can be mounted directly on top of the old roofing. Such a roof will last 5-10 years and is resistant to mechanical damage.
  2. PVC membrane roofing and other polymer coatings. PVC membrane roofing lasts up to 25 years and can be installed anywhere. It is tolerant to extreme temperatures, has high waterproofing, and can be installed in several techniques. We select the best options based on the characteristics of your roof.
  3. Metal roofing is a classic. We can install it on your roof to ensure integrity and reliable leak protection.

Repair Services for Flat Roofing in Attleboro, MA. What Is Crucial to Know

Besides an overall roofing installation, we offer our help in roof repair for Attleboro, MA, residents.

Our services include preliminary detection of leaks, assessment of damage to the roofing, assistance in selecting materials, and direct repair measures. Our experts perform all work on time and use reliable tools to provide high-quality repair for your home’s roof.

How to Choose the Best Attleboro, MA, Roofer to Get Services From

You may be interested in how to choose a contractor from the list of Attleboro roofing companies, as there are several of them in the market. We offer you to follow several tips we’ve highlighted.

  • Always start by comparing offers from several companies. That way, you can choose the best services and not overpay.
  • Carefully read the terms of service to avoid additional fees and surprising requirements from a contractor when the process begins.
  • Feedback from other residents of Attleboro will come in handy because you can read an honest assessment of the company’s work in them. Advertising is good, but reviews are better for making a decision.
  • A good contractor is always ready to provide a portfolio of their work. If you see actual objects, the roof of which was mounted by the contractor, you will be able to evaluate the results of their work.

But things can be even easier! It is enough to contact our company, and you will no longer have to look for a reliable roofing contractor. Our experts will quickly provide you with a full range of services for the roofing project, the selection and purchase of materials, roofing installation, and repair. We guarantee our work and are ready to provide examples of our projects in different parts of the city. Our staff will come to your home to take measurements and examine the roof’s condition if you need repairs. We work in all city areas, including North Attleboro, and promptly travel to our customers.

Metal Roof Installation Attleboro

This beautiful two-story house in Attleboro, MA, featured a lot of custom-made brick masonry such as fences, walkways, etc. No wonder the owner decided to go with red when the time came to replace the roof. They picked Tamco stainless steel stone crest slate texture shingles in gorgeous Sequoya Red color with matching trim and flashings.

A custom-made perforated drip edge was ordered to ensure proper roof ventilation. A standalone garage and shed also needed reroofing with the same metal shingles.

First, we had to strip two layers of existing asphalt shingles and inspect the roof deck for any rot damage.

Metal Roof Installation Process - roofing attleboro ma

Generally, inspecting a roof deck before installing a permanent solution such as metal shingles is a good idea. After finishing the strip, we installed GAF Deck Armor breathable underlayment to ensure it was watertight. After putting the drip edge and trim in place, we installed shingles.

attleboro ma roofing - Metal Roof Installation Process

We flashed two chimneys with custom-made flashings from the color-matching trim coil.

The shingles are interlocking, meaning they have locks on all four sides, and each shingle in this system is held in place with six other shingles. First, we installed the shingles, then metal ridge caps on all ridges.

As a result – a beautiful new roof that matched the house and brick fence with a lifetime warranty.

Metal Roof Installation Process
Metal Roof Installation Process
commercial roofing - Metal Roof

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ID Flat Roof is your trusted contractor for roofing in North Attleboro, MA, and other locations in and around the city. We have the most affordable prices, and the quality of the roofing services we provide meets the highest standards. If you need to cover a flat roof of complex configuration, make repairs in hard-to-reach places on your roof, or improve the mistakes made by the previous roofing contractor, we are ready to help you.

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