Floating Rooftop Deck

Flat Roofs are a common type of roof for residential and commercial real estate in our country. To add, flat roofs have their own advantages which the property owner can use. For example, install Floating Rooftop Deck.

For example, you can turn a flat roof of your house, porch or even shed into a patio or terrace.  All you need to do is to install a safe and sightly floating deck over the roof.

If done right, it will not only provide you with a zone to relax and meet friends, but also likely increase the market value of your property.

Do you want to install a floating rooftop deck? ID Flat Roofs provides a full range of roofing services, including the installation of plastic and wood floating decks over flat roofs. Need additional 100% leak protection? Our roofers will install a PVC maintenance-free underlayment membrane with hot-air welded seams on the top of the roof.

Contact our consultants and tell us about your plans. We will offer the best options of floating rooftop decks considering your requirements and budget.

Floating Rooftop Deck from ID Flat Roof
Floating Rooftop Deck from ID Flat Roof

Want to build a deck on a flat roof?

  1. First you need to check the roof structure so that it can withstand the appropriate loads. Contact our roofer and he will inspect your roof at a convenient time for you.
  2. The next step is the installation of the waterproof membrane over top of the roof. We recommend using modern PVC membranes, which are stronger and more durable than rubber or EPDM counterparts.
    PVC membranes will reliably protect the roof from leaks, which means that you do not have to spend a lot of money on dismantling the deck in case of leaking problems.
  3. Then you need to install fasteners for the floating deck and design the roof with maximum protection from both wind uplift and mechanical damage. Most often we use the pedestal support system, but it all depends on the roofing project and architectural features.
    In any case, we will design the floating rooftop decks in such a way that it is as strong, comfortable and reliable as possible.
  4. Need drainage? If necessary, our roofers will design and install a drainage or snow melt system to prevent water from accumulating on the roof surface. We use special technologies that maintain the tightness of the underlayment membrane. So you will be sure that your roof will not leak in any weather.
  5. The next step is the installation of the deck. You can choose the most suitable deck on top of a flat roof, including natural wood or plastic. Not sure which flooring to choose for your floating porch or patio roof? We offer proven solutions from the best manufacturers in the US and will definitely find solutions that fit your tastes and budget.
  6. If necessary, our roofers will mount any additional structures on your rooftop deck, including sliding doors, railings, drip edges, and so on.

Take a look at the completed floating deck flat roof project

We have been installing floating rooftop decks for 15 years. We work with any popular materials, but we recommend paying attention to modern energy-efficient technologies and materials with a lifetime warranty.

PVC Roof Installation Under Floating Wooden Deck Sudbury

One of the common uses of flat roofs is to install a floating deck over them. Having the rubber membrane underneath the deck makes it extremely complicated when rubber fails.

Eventually adhesive in the seams of the rubber roof lets go and homeowners are facing very costly and labor-intensive repairs when they have to take the whole deck apart and then rebuild it.

A great alternative to the rubber roof with a floating rooftop deck on top of it is a PVC membrane with hot-air welded seams; because they will never come apart it will create a permanent and maintenance-free solution for those types of applications.

Project Description

  • Two-level deck over newly built garage
  • 23 railing posts
  • 2 sliding doors leading to the deck
  • 4″ wide extra strips of membrane for future decks slippers

Materials used

  • 1/2″ fan-fold styrofoam
  • 80-mil white PVC membrane with ChemGuard technology and fleece back
  • Mechanically attached assembly
  • 3″ PVC coated drip edge
  • Custom made post flashings
PVC roof under Floating Rooftop Deck installation
PVC Roof Installation Under Floating Wooden Deck
PVC Rubber roof under deck
floating deck with PVC Roof Installation
floating deck over flat roof
how to build a deck on a flat rubber roof
how to install a deck on a flat roof
wood deck on flat roof

Do you want to install floating rooftop deck?

Call our consultant, tell us about your plans and get help from an expert. Our specialist will come to you at a convenient time, check the roof and make an estimate. Estimating is Free.

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