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Aluminum shingles metal roof and rolled PVC membrane flat roof installation in Needham, MA

This project features two best alternatives to the conventional roofing materials: rolled PVC membrane instead of rubber roof, and interlocking aluminum shingles instead of regular asphalt shingles. Both roofing materials are considered to be permanent solutions requiring minimum to none maintenance. … Continue reading

Metal Shingles and PVC Roof Installation in Milton, MA

This custom home was designed and built by a local architect in the outskirts of Boston. The homeowner approached us in January of 2013 and needed his newly constructed home to be sided and roofed in the coming weeks. He … Continue reading

Metal Shingles and PVC Membrane Roof Installation in Wayland, MA

This single family home in Wayland, MA is a classic example of why asphalt roofing is a poor choice for a pitched roof and why metal shingles, although initially higher priced, are a worthwhile investment and could be the last … Continue reading

Advantages and Benefits of Metal Roof

Metal roofs (both metal shingles and standing seam panels) are a premium product on the roofing market, and even though it is more expensive than regular asphalt/fiberglass shingle over time it proves to be more logical and least expensive choice. … Continue reading

Metal Shingles Roof Installation in Melrose, MA

Metal shingles is a premium roofing material which becomes more and more popular among homeowners because of it’s advantages and benefits. This particular house had about 20 years old asphalt shingles roof, which was about the time to replace. Because … Continue reading

Metal Roof Installation in Attleboro, MA

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This beautiful two story house an Attleboro, MA featured a lot of custom made brick masonry such as fences, walkways etc. No wonder, when the time came to replace the roof the owner decided to go with red. A Tamco … Continue reading

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