Metal Shingles and PVC Membrane Roof Installation in Wayland, MA

This single-family home in Wayland, MA is a classic example of why asphalt roofing is a poor choice for a pitched roof and why metal shingles, although initially higher priced, are a worthwhile investment and could be the last roof system you ever need to purchase.

As you can see from the before photos, the 3-tab asphalt roofing has unsightly black stains that many people mistake for mold, when in fact the black stains are caused by a blue-green alga that feeds on components of the asphalt shingles. The black stains are an accumulation of dead cells from the algae, Gloeocapsa Magma, and once embedded into an asphalt roof are a pain in the neck to remove and keep at bay.

The asphalt roofing had also failed and the result was areas of rot in the plywood and wood fascias. Once we removed the failing asphalt, replaced the damaged plywood, and installed new PVC fascias we installed a Deckarmour synthetic underlayment followed by Vermont Blue metal shingles in the Stonecrest Slate profile from TAMKO. These metal shingles will not support the algae and will maintain their pristine appearance for decades.

We also installed new seamless gutters along with an 80 mil gray PVC flat roofing system with a lifetime materials warranty to the low sloped areas. As you can see we took a failing asphalt roof and installed long-lasting materials that won’t require anti-algae treatments or maintenance; a homeowner’s dream.