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The roofs of residential buildings can be completely different from each other. They differ in size and shape, roof frame and appearance, material and method of its installation. And only a professional roofing contractor can understand all types of roofs.

Nevertheless, despite the differences, all roofs are similar in one thing – sooner or later, each roof requires repair. Even if you have chosen an ultra-reliable and almost eternal material, you will periodically have to carry out minor repairs.  

What about complex repair problems? If you suspect some major roofing issue, if you notice a leak or damage, if bad weather has already damaged the roof, then immediately call a professional. Without a doubt. It will not be possible to restore the roof without experience and qualifications. 

But what to do if your problem is minor or you need just common seasonal repairs. Maybe you should contact a handyman? 

Professional Roofing Contractor on the flat roof
Professional Roofing Contractor on the flat roof

Handyman: Jack of all trades

Attention! Roofing repair can be dangerous. It requires compliance with all precautions and safety rules. 

To begin with, even a skilled handyman can handle only minor repairs that do not require the use of special equipment and tools. These tasks include: 

Replacing one or two shingles that were blown away by strong winds
Repair of minor damage of eaves
Replacement of standard gutters and downspouts

In some cases, a handyman can be a right choice if you are planning a tear-off task. Most likely a handyman will agree to tear off an old roof covering for less than a specialized roofer. 

The advantage of contacting a handyman – is cost savings. As a rule, handymen are willing to work for a lower cost, and their estimate is 20-30% less than that of professionals. They do an excellent job with simple tasks.  

Nevertheless, we recommend that you request several estimates from the roofers and handymen – with and without dismantling work. Then compare prices and check whether it is worth contacting non-professional workers to save some money. 

Professional Roofing Contractor: Real Professionals

Firstly, only a professional roofing contractor can design a new roof and carry out installation work properly. If you are planning not just repair, but renovation of the roof, contact the professionals. It’s worth it.  

Secondly, only licensed roofing contractors are able to carry out emergency repairs, including repairing leaks during heavy rains or major damages. This repair must be done quickly, as strong leaks can damage your property, as well as the frame and walls of the building. 

Thirdly, a roofing contractor is worth calling if you plan to repair a large coverage area, if you cannot find the source of the leak, and if you need to repair chimneys, ventilation, external walls and other ‘complex’ parts of the roof. 

Fourthly, only professional roofing contractors are capable of qualitatively repairing ‘non-standard’ roofs or roofs with innovative materials such as TPO membranes or PV solar panels

The advantages of professional roofing contractors are the availability of licenses and roofing service permits, insurance, as well as a guarantee for materials and services. 

Who should I call?

If repairs are not urgently required, we recommend that you independently assess the scope of work. If the repair is small, then contact the handyman and ask him to calculate the cost of the work including materials. Then contact a specialized roofing company (or several companies in your area) and ask them for an estimate. 

If the difference in estimates is small, it is better to give preference to professionals. In the case of minor roof repairs, a handyman can be the right choice, but try to find an experienced and responsible builder. 

Need a small or complex roof repair? Contact our specialists, tell us about your problem and we will calculate the cost of the work including or excluding necessary materials.  

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