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Replacing and repairing a roof, not to mention installing a new one, requires financial investments. Especially if you want the roof of your house to be reliable, modern and serve you for at least 50 years. Therefore, it is important to inspect any roof on a regular basis. Learn how to make a free roof repair estimate in this post.

Budget Planning is Your First Step

Budget planning is the first step of any construction project. Regardless of what you are going to do with your roof, install a new roof, repair or replace an old covering, firstly you need to determine the cost of the contract.

Both you and the roofing company you applied to, are interested in proper budget planning. If it is not done correctly, you risk finding yourself in a situation where only half of the work is completed, and you no longer have enough funds to complete the roof project.

To add, it is not easy to calculate the cost of roofing work on your own and after reading a couple of articles on the Internet. First, because the cost of roofing works is formed from a dozen individual factors. Secondly, the prices of roofing companies, even in the same city, can vary greatly.

Free roof repair estimate - Template
Free roof repair estimate – Template

Why Should I Order Free Roof Estimate and Use Online Calculator

The ID Flat Roof experts recommend going the other way, which will help you determine the cost of your roofing project accurately and in a short amount of time.

To start with, you may contact our specialists and request a free roof estimate. It’s simple and fast. It doesn’t take long to put together all your wishes and parameters of your roof to give you all the information about the budget.

You can also use the online calculator. By entering just a few criteria ​​in the online form, you will get the estimated cost of replacing, installing or repairing a roof almost instantly. Filling in the form and calculating will take no more than five minutes.

Online Roofing Calculator Guide

  1. Visit the online calculator page on the ID Flat Roof website,
  2. Fill out the online form,
  3. The service will give you the result in a few seconds,
  4. Contact the company’s experts for more information.

The online calculator is a free service that you can use at any time. However, it can only determine the approximate cost. The exact cost of your roofing project will be determined by a specialist after he inspects the object and talks with you about all your demands.

Free roofing estimates
Free roofing estimates

How to Get Free Roof Repair Estimate

To find out the exact cost of replacing or repairing a roof, you can apply for free estimate roofing. Professional roofers will contact you to clarify all the necessary details and individual wishes. It’s free as well as an online calculator.

If necessary, roofers will visit you at a convenient time for you to check the condition of the roof, covering, frame, engineering networks and develop a detailed roofing free estimate.

Free Estimate: Why Different Companies Give Different Quotes

The first reason why the cost for the same work differs more or less is the pricing policy of the roofing company. If you have already requested a free roofing estimate or used online calculators on different sites, you have already noticed this.

The second reason is the use of different roofing materials, equipment and approaches. Some roofing companies still use old technology during roof installation or repair. Such an approach requires more effort and time and is consequently reflected in the final cost.

The third reason is that some roofing companies have a license to operate and insurance and some do not have it. You may find someone willing to fix your roof for less, but if an accident occurs during installation, it can be a major problem.

Roof Free Estimate - Commercial Flat Roofs
Roof Free Estimate

Free Roof Calculator and Roofing Estimate: What Affects the Cost?

We recommend that you use an online calculator so that you understand what criteria the cost depends on and how it changes if you change these criteria.

Typically, the cost of work is indicated in two formats. The first format is cost per square foot. The second is the cost of the entire project. Free estimates on roof include the total cost as a rule. Online calculators commonly show cost per square foot or a total cost.

1. The angle of the roof

Any roof has a slope that helps water not to linger on the surface and go into the drain. The angle of inclination can be from almost zero (1-5 degrees) to almost vertical (65 degrees or more)

If the slope of the roof is high, it is more difficult to carry out any work on its surface, since special equipment must be used. For flat roofs and roofs with a slight slope, the cost of similar work will be less.

The angle of inclination is the ratio of run and rise of the roof. Usually this parameter looks like this – 2/12 or 19/12. Calculating the angle of the roof, even if it seems flat to you, is quite difficult. In order not to be mistaken, contact professional roofers. Or just specify the type of roof in the appropriate form of the online calculator.

2. Complexity of works and accessibility

The surface of some roofs has several slopes and planes. In addition, there may be adjunctions to walls, pipes, other roofs on its surface – all this complicates the work.

If the roof is at a low height and roofers are able to climb comfortably onto its surface, this is a factor in reducing the cost of work. And vice versa. If the roof surface is in an inconvenient location, it increases the complexity of the work and the cost of the services of the roofing company.

Usually this factor is taken into account when drawing up a free roof estimate. This criterion is not indicated in the online calculator, since it is complex to figure out online.

3. Materials

You will find dozens of different flat roof materials on the market. These are both time-tested options and innovative materials. The cost of roofing can vary from inexpensive to premium options. For example, asphalt shingles or modified bitumen are inexpensive ones. And copper, cedar wood shingles or slate are premium options. In addition to inexpensive and premium options, there are dozens of solutions “in the middle”.

Obviously, the choice of one or another roofing material can increase the cost of repair and replacement of the roof several times or reduce the estimate. Please note that the cost of roofing for commercial and residential buildings using the same roofing materials may differ.

4. Roof size

The larger the roof, the longer and more expensive it is to replace, repair or install. Roof size is measured in square feet.

The area of​​a medium-pitched roof of an average two-story residential building is about 1500-3000 square feet. A flat or low-slope roof of a building of the same area will be significantly smaller.

In addition, if you request a quote to repair or install a small area roof (for a porch, garage, porch or terrace), the cost may also be higher. On the other hand, some roofing companies offer discounts for large volumes of work.

If you’re having trouble measuring your roof area, call ID Flat Roof and we’ll take all measurements to make free roof repair or replacement estimates.

Free Roof Calculator: Some Tips

  • It is important to use the calculator on the official websites of licensed roofing companies in your area. You will get the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Avoid overly complex calculators with dozens of parameters that only experts can define. Most likely, you will not be able to correctly specify all the criteria, and the end result will be incorrect.
  • The online calculator is the fastest way to find out the estimated cost of roofing work. Unlike free roofing estimates, you will know the result in a second. Drawing up an estimate will take time, as an expert will be involved in its preparation.
  • To find out the exact cost, leave a request for a free estimate. If necessary, our expert will visit you and make all the necessary measurements or roof inspection.
  • Choose different parameters in the online calculator to understand how and why the cost changes.
  • An online calculator is the first step to budgeting. Without it, we do not recommend starting cooperation with roofing companies. Even if you are planning to repair or replace the roof in the distant future, you can use the calculator now.

Free Roof Repair Estimate: What Should Be Indicated in the Document?

Most roofing companies offer free estimates to their potential clients. Specialists are interested not only in you knowing the exact cost of work and materials before the repair or replacement of the roof, but also in you being satisfied with the result.

However, the cost and criteria indicated in the estimate may differ from company to company, even if we are talking about the same project. In addition, some roofers do not include critical details in the document. How to understand that the estimate was sent to you by a professional and reliable contractor?

  1. The estimate must contain all the necessary details. At the same time, it should be understandable to the client, who is most likely not a specialist in roofing services.
  2. Free quote contains information about the total cost and payment methods. You will know how much, when and in what payments you will pay for the services provided.
  3. The estimate must indicate the timing of the work. Even if the problem with your roof can be solved in a few hours, this period should be indicated in the estimate.
  4. The estimate indicates the end result of the work with a description of all necessary services.
  5. Finally, any free estimate indicates the guarantees that the roofing company provides for materials and work.

If the proposed estimate seems incomprehensible to you, if it does not indicate the exact dates, cost, guarantees, list of works – this is a reason to change the contractor.

Should I Use an Online Calculator or Ask for a Free Roof Repair Estimate?

We encourage you to take advantage of both. First, open the online calculator page to determine the approximate cost of a roofing project.

Compare the results with different parameters, area, materials. This is a great opportunity to set a budget and find out the market prices for the services you need right now.

We then recommend that you contact the roofers who will provide you with a roofing estimate. This document will indicate the exact time and cost. In addition, you can discuss with them the possibilities that are not listed in the standard online calculator. For example, the cost of replacing a chimney, repairing gutters, installing skylights, or installing premium roofing materials.

ID Flat Roof offers its potential and regular customers to use a convenient and understandable online calculator on the official website. Our roofers are also available to provide you with a free estimate for roof replacement or repair.

5 Reasons to Use an Online Calculator Right Now

  1. It’s free. Like a free roofing estimate, an online service is a chargeless tool. You won’t spend a single cent, but you’ll get the information you need.
  2. The interface of the online calculator is designed in such a way that it is understandable even for those who have never repaired or installed roofs.
  3. After you use the online calculator, you can contact professional roofers for a free estimate.
  4. An online calculator will help you plan your budget.
  5. An online calculator is an opportunity to find out prices on the roofing services market in your area.

ID Flat Roof Online Calculator and Free Roof Repair Estimate

ID Flat Roof is a company that has been providing a full range of roofing services for over 15 years. We realize how important it is to plan the budget for any project correctly, from a small urgent roof repair to the installation of a new roof.

Therefore, we paid special attention to the development of a convenient and functional online calculator that you can use right now.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a detailed estimate drawn up in accordance with all standards, you can call our specialists or leave a request on the website. Both the calculator and the estimate are free and ready to use 24/7.

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