PVC Membrane Installation on Low Pitch Roof in Wayland, MA

Best rubber roof alternative – PVC membrane can be installed not only on flat roofs but also as a asphalt shingles alternative on low-pitched regular roofs.

PVC membrane is a permanent solution that is almost free of maintenance, has a lifetime warranty, and solves ice dams problems once and forever.

Project Description

  • Low pitched roof with regular shingles on it – shingles removed, roof deck inspected and repaired.
  • 2 skylights
  • 1 chimney
  • Multiple pipes

Materials and scope of work

  • 1″ Poly ISO insulation installed
  • 80-mil dark bronze PVC membrane
  • 3″ PVC coated drip edge
  • Factory-made accessories – inside and outside corners, pipe flashing, roof vents
  • All seams and accessories are fused together using hot air welders to form a single piece of membrane throughout the entire roof.
  • Color matching PVC chimney flashing with custom made aluminum counter-flashing