PVC Roof Membrane: Modern Solution for Flat and Low-Slope Roofs in Wayland

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PVC Roof Membrane is one of the best flat roof materials ever invented by humanity. A PVC membrane is a durable, sealed, single-layered synthetic material in white or other colors suitable for most roofs.

If your house needs a roof that never leaks, doesn’t need to be maintained or repaired more often than once per season, and looks excellent – PVC membrane is your choice.

Plus, these membranes are suitable for garages, verandas, patios, and other outbuildings. This material is also energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

PVC roof membrane
PVC Roof membrane

PVC Roof Membrane: Modern Alternative to Old Solutions

Technological progress never stops. It means that manufacturers are releasing new materials that outperform their outdated counterparts. The roofing industry is no exception.

For example, rubber or asphalt roofs were popular in our State last century (they are still popular today and cover almost 80% of flat roofs). They aren’t bad but have an alternative – a PVC membrane roof, which can be installed on flat roofs and low-pitched regular roofs as an asphalt shingles alternative.

Mainly you might see PVC roofs on commercial buildings, but it is becoming increasingly popular with residential property owners. The demand for PVC membranes is growing by 5-10% yearly. Whether building a new home or renovating an old roof, look at PVC membranes.

Our roofers at ID Flat Roof have been working with PVC membranes for over 12 years and know everything about this material. Let us explain why it’s one of the best available on the US market.

Well-Known Advantages

  1. PVC roofing provides almost 100% leakage protection. Modern membrane materials perfectly handle poor weather and sitting water that collects on the roof surface. Since leaks are the main enemy of any flat roof, PVC will save you a lot of nerves and money on repairing leaks after another rainstorm.
  2. The maximum service life of PVC membranes is up to 25 years. Of course, the service life depends on several factors, such as temperature changes, the load on the roof surface, sunlight and UV, wind, and so on. But if the roofers performed installation correctly, using quality material – PVC membrane will easily last 25 years without repairs.
  3. Although installing a PVC membrane requires certain investments (especially considering the insulation installation), a new roof becomes a good investment in the long run. Some types of PVC membranes reflect sunlight, and you save on cooling in the summer. In addition, such a roof does not require every-month maintenance and repair, not wasting the family budget.
  4. Modern PVC roofing materials comply with all environmental standards. They are chemically inert and retain elasticity and strength for many years.

To sum up, PVC membrane is a great solution that is almost free of maintenance, has a lifetime warranty, and provides anti-leak protection once and forever when installed professionally. That is why PVC roofing installation is a keystone of any roofing project.

Does this Material Have Any Disadvantages?

Like any other roofing material, PVC membranes have their cons. We do not hide any nuances so that you can see the whole picture and determine if this option is suitable for your roof, budget, and demands.

  • PVC membranes are not the cheapest material. And the smaller the roof area, the higher the price per square foot.
  • PVC membranes should be installed only by qualified specialists since the service life. The ability of the roof to protect the house from leaks directly depends on the quality of installation work, the tightness of soldered seams, especially at the corners of the top, parts with pipes, skylights, and chimneys (appropriate flashing for PVC roofing is needed).
  • PVC membranes should be installed on a specially prepared base. Therefore, it is almost always necessary to dismantle old materials before installing a new one. Especially if the old roof was bitumen or rubber – they are incompatible with PVC.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of PVC roofing and decide if it suits your house. If you have any questions, contact our specialists, who will help you make the right choice.

Private House PVC Roof in Wayland, MA: ID Flat Roof Team in Action

Project Description

ID Flat Roof is a certified PVC Roof installer. This time the task was to install a new roof on a private home with a low-pitched roof type with regular shingles. In addition, there were multiple objects on the surface of the roof:

  • 2 skylights.
  • 1 chimney.
  • Multiple pipes.
Factory-made accessories pipe flashing
Factory-made accessories pipe flashing

First, our roofers removed the old shingles, then inspected and repaired the roof deck. The next step was to install ISO insulation (1″ Polyiso insulation) and PVC covering material (80-mil dark bronze PVC membrane).

PVC membrane installed on low-slope and flat roof areas
PVC membrane on low-slope and flat roof areas

In addition, roofers carried out additional PVC Roof installation tasks:

  • Installation of 3″ PVC-coated drip edge.
  • Installation of Factory-made accessories – inside and outside corners, pipe flashing, roof vents.
  • All seams and accessories were fused using hot air welders to form a single membrane throughout the roof.
  • Installation of color-matching PVC chimney flashing with custom-made aluminum counter-flashing.
PVC chimney flashing with custom made aluminum counter-flashing
PVC chimney flashing with custom-made aluminum counter-flashing

As you can see in the photos, when the project was completed, the house’s roof became modern-looking, neat, and completely sealed from leaks and ice dams. Such a roof is a decoration of any home.

All seams fused together using hot air welders
All seams fused using hot air welders
Skylights are protected from leaks with flashings
Flashings protect skylights from leaks
Skylight isolation
Skylight isolation

One of the Best Options for Residential Houses – PVC Roofing

PVC Roof Membrane is a material that is becoming more popular every year, replacing asphalt shingles and old-school rubber roofs.

This material has a lot of advantages, and roofing companies offer a wide range of membranes, including different colors and features like energy-saving options.

However, to experience all the advantages of this roofing material, it is necessary to contact roofing specialists who will design a new roof and do all the installation work with a quality guarantee.

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