Aluminum Shingles Metal Roof and Rolled PVC Membrane Flat Roof Installation in Needham, MA

This project features two best alternatives to the conventional roofing materials: rolled PVC membrane instead of a rubber roof, and interlocking aluminum shingles instead of regular asphalt shingles.

Both roofing materials are considered to be permanent solutions requiring minimum to none maintenance.

Both metal and PVC roofs are also a great solution for the ice dams problem – once installed, water cannot find its way in because PVC membrane is welded together, to form one continuous piece and metal shingles are interlocking, preventing water from getting under the adjacent shingles.

Project description

  • Two-story colonial with pitched roof over main house and large addition with a flat roof
  • Remove existing roofing material, install new plywood
  • Interlocking aluminum shingles installed on the main house
  • PVC membrane installed on the flat section
  • Skylights, chimney and multiple pipes

Materials used

  • GAF DeckArmor breathable underlayment
  • Brown aluminum interlocking shingles
  • Custom made color matching aluminum accessories: valleys, drip edge, rake gables and ridge caps
  • 60-mil white PVC membrane
  • 1″ fiber board insulation
  • Snow guards over doors and walkways to prevent snow from sliding down in big chunks

Aluminum shingles and PVC roof installation in Needham, MA