Metal Shingle and PVC Roof Installation Milton

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Did you know the roof is the #1 protector of your home? Roofs protect us from the weather and create a cozy home space. Their integrity is crucial for every homeowner. Unfortunately, even the highest-quality roofing tends to get damaged and requires restoration or even re-installation with time. ID Flat Roof, your Milton roofing contractor, is at your service!

We offer you to repair or install the most reliable types of roofing in Milton and its neighborhoods. There are two basic roofing types we offer:

  • PVC membrane roofing.
  • Metal shingle roofing.

Both have many benefits, and we provide a complex approach to roofing in Milton to make your home’s roof durable, energy-efficient, and reliable.

Metal Shingles vs. PVC Roofing: What to Choose?

Both of these roofing materials are among the most popular. Metal shingles have been used for decades, proving their durability and high wind, water, and fire resistance. PVC membrane gained popularity in recent decades due to its ease of installation, impeccable fire protection, and wind resistance.

As for the choice of material, we have some tips for you from the point of view of Milton professional roof repair contractors.

  • If you have a flat roof or a low-pitch roof, metal shingles won’t do. For this type of roofing, PVC membrane will be a win-win.
  • Metal shingles will suit best roofs with more than 12-14 degrees slope.

You can contact ID Flat Roof’s managers for a more detailed consultation on the choice of roofing type.

Milton Roofing Contractor: Benefits of Metal Shingle Roofing

  • Great strength. The roofing retains its shape and integrity even when exposed to intense mechanical factors.
  • Stylish design. The metal tile imitates classic clay tiles and can be painted in various colors.
  • Cheapness and economy. This roofing material is among the cheapest.
  • Ease of installation. It’s easy and quick to mount.
  • The durability of metal shingles is high.

Benefits of PVC Cover for a Roof

  • PVC membrane does not combust, and its fire-fighting properties are among the best.
  • The ease of joining the membrane sheets: only a flow of hot air and a pressure welding roller is required.
  • Fast installation speed: a team of 3 qualified technicians can lay over 10,000 ft2 of PVC membrane per shift, i.e., the installation cost is minimal.
  • Mechanically strong.
  • Chemically neutral, withstands mechanical and thermal effects.
  • Does not require special maintenance after installation.
  • It is easy to repair damaged parts visible on the surface, thanks to the light upper and the dark lower layers.
  • Durability: the service life is at least 25-30, often 50 years.

Professional Services by ID Flat Roof Milton Roofers

Regarding installation and roof repair, it is worth trusting professional Milton roofers, not acting alone. Only pros can quickly detect problems and solve them using reliable technologies. That is what we offer for homeowners and commercial property owners in Milton.

Being Milton professional roofing contractors, we offer the scope of services for flat and slope roofs:

  • Preliminary inspection of the roof and estimate calculation for its installation/repair.
  • Help in choosing roofing materials and fastenings.
  • As Milton professional leak repair roofing contractors, we provide fast and effective leak detection for PVC and metal shingle roofing.
  • We offer effective roof repair, demolishing leakages, and restoring roofing in case of damage.
  • For home renovation, we also offer roof installation services. Both metal shingle roofing and PVC covering are available for Milton residents.

We meet all the highest expectations our customers may have!

Why Choose Our Company

ID Flat Roof is your loyal ally in the fight for the durability and cost-efficiency of your home’s roof. We work throughout Milton, MA, to provide residents with high-quality roof installation and repair services. Several principles guide our work:

  • A thorough inspection of the customer’s property to choose the best methods for installation and repair.
  • Only high-quality materials.
  • Our roofers are experienced pros.
  • We provide a guarantee for our work.

They make us the most trusted Milton, MA, roofing contractor for installation and repair.

Milton Roofing Contractor – ID Flat Roof – Roofing Projects in Boston, MA

A local architect designed and built this custom home on the outskirts of Boston.

Metal Shingles Installation in Milton MA
Metal Shingles Installation in Milton, MA

The homeowner approached us in January 2013 and asked to side and roof his newly constructed home in the coming weeks. He had already selected the metal roofing and siding for the project but had yet to choose a contractor and a material to use on his flat roofs and decks.

Milton Professional Roofing Contractors
Milton Professional Roofing Contractors

Once we proposed our durable PVC membranes, the homeowner made his choice; all we needed to proceed were the weather breaks.

Roofing Milton - Metal Shingles and PVC Roof
Roofing Milton – Metal Shingles and PVC Roof

The metal roofing and siding consisted of individual metal tiles. After the metal tile installation, we implemented the cedar siding.

Metal Roofing and Siding in Milton MA
Metal Roofing and Siding in Milton, MA

The unique profile of the metal tiles presented little challenge to our crew, and the project turned out to be a great success.

Unique profile of the metal tiles
The unique profile of the metal tiles

The flat, low-sloped sections and the decks now have an 80-mil thick PVC membrane.

Metal Shingles Installed by Milton MA Сontractors
Metal Shingles Installed by Milton, MA, Сontractors

The durability of the PVC membranes took preference over black rubber for various reasons.

Tiles Installation Milton MA
Tiles Installation Milton, MA

Since the homeowner installed composite decks over the membranes, seam strength and reliability were huge factors. Our PVC membranes with a waterproof seal at the seams ensure a worry-free system beneath the composite decking.

Milton Professional Roof Repair Contractors
Milton Professional Roof Repair Contractors

As with all our residential installations, this homeowner received a lifetime warranty on his flat roof materials, fully transferable over the next 25 years if he decides to sell the home.

Milton Professional Leak Repair Roofing Contractors
Milton Professional Leak Repair Roofing Contractors

Take advantage of working with reliable Milton, MA, contractors to make your roofing tip-top!

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