PVC Flat Roof Installation in Lexington, MA

This home in Lexington, MA was suffering from leaks on the tar and gravel roof and needed a permanent solution to solve the low-sloped roofing problems. With a slope of less than 3:12 the only viable options were standing seam metal or a membrane roofing system (asphalt shingle manufacturers DO NOT recommend their products on low-sloped roofs, although many roofing contractors will install them regardless). We proposed adding rigid insulation and an 80 mil PVC single-ply membrane with a lifetime materials warranty and the homeowners knew they’d found the answers they’d been looking for.

We removed the failing tar and gravel roof system and discovered damaged plywood and fascias from the leaking that had occurred over a period of time. We replaced the damaged plywood and fascias, installed a perimeter nailer to the entire roof edge, installed a PVC-coated edge metal, and added 3.3 inches of rigid insulation to achieve an R-20 insulating value. We then installed an 80 mil thick white PVC membrane with a lifetime materials warranty and our own ten-year workmanship warranty (and added snow guards for good measure), and the homeowners couldn’t be happier.

With the white membrane, which reflects nearly 90% of the sun’s rays and will keep a house up to ten degrees cooler than a black rubber roof, the homeowners were eligible for an Energy Tax Credit and also benefitted greatly from the added R-20 insulation.

This new roof is backed by a lifetime materials warranty from the manufacturer, IB Roof Systems. The family-owned business was founded in 1978 in Eugene, OR and to this day their roof systems are performing without concern, some 35 years later. We are proud trained and certified installers of IB Roof Systems and afford our clients the leading warranties and materials in the industry. This is a good example of a low-sloped roof system that is going to save the homeowners a large sum of money over the next few decades.