PVC Low Pitch Roof Installation, Newton, MA

Project Description

  • Low pitch (3/12) roof with asphalt shingles
  • 2 large chimneys
  • 9 skylights
  • Constant problems with ice dams along the roof edges and leaks in the valleys area
  • Installation technique: mechanically attached assembly, barbed 2″ plates, hot-air welded seams.
  • After project was completed roof withstood record-setting winter of 2014-2015 without a single issue and with no maintenance

Materials used

  • 80-mil Brown PVC membrane (IB Roof Systems)
  • 1/2″ fan-fold insulation
  • 3″ Bronze PVC coated drip edge
  • Prefabricated color matching accessories (pipe flashing, outside and inside corners, 2 way vents)
  • Plastic snow guards over doors and along walkways