PVC Membrane Installation on Shed Dormer Flat Roof Wellesley MA

PVC membrane is by far the most superior material for flat roof installations. Unlike rubber which relies on glue to hold the seams together, PVC membrane is fused together to form the seams that are stronger than material itself. Properly welded seams will never come apart – this is why all PVC membrane installations come with lifetime warranty.

Shed dormer is a most common way to increase inside space without serious reconstruction and always has either flat or low pitch roof.

Project Description

  • Shed dormer with rolled asphalt roofing material
  • 1 chimney – color matching PVC flashing, aluminum counter-flashing
  • 2 pipes
  • Persisting problems with ice dams and ponding water

Materials used

  • Poly ISO tapered insulation with 1/8″ per foot increase
  • 60-mil white PVC membrane
  • 3″ PVC coated drip edge
  • PVC pipe flashing

PVC membrane installation
PVC membrane installation
PVC membrane installation