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The matter of choice among roofing contractors in Lenox, MA often becomes a real headache for homeowners. There are lots of factors that impact the quality of roofing services provided by a certain roofing company. As usual, they are as follows:

  • Working with all types of roofing in Lenox, MA without the difference in age, type of material, wear degree, and so on.
  • Providing all types of services a homeowner may need for their roof.
  • Offering fair prices for high-quality services provided by the roofing contractor.
  • Getting only positive customer reviews.

All these factors seem crucial when you need to get services for your roofing in Lenox, MA. And we have something to offer you in ID Flat Roof.

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Types of Services for Your Roof by ID Flat Roof

Our company is engaged in installation and repair work for households and commercial real estate, the structures of which have a flat roof. This type of roof is very popular today because it requires minimal investment for covering, is easy to repair, and is reliable. In addition, a flat roof allows you to effectively use the roof space, for example, equip it with a balcony or terrace.

At the same time, a flat roof is not as easy to install as it seems at first glance. It needs regular inspection and maintenance, and if necessary, repair. Therefore, the range of services for owners of buildings with flat roofs is quite extensive.

Our company offers you its services when it comes to the following situations:

  • Installation of flat roof roofing in Lenox, MA.
  • Inspection and diagnosis of flat roof leaks in private and commercial buildings.
  • Repair services for a flat roof of any type.
  • Partial roof replacement or a full roof replacement in Lenox, MA.
  • Consultation on the selection of materials and methods of installation of a flat roof in Lenox, MA.

Let’s get into detail about the most in-demand services that we offer.

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High-Quality Roof Replacement in Lenox, MA

For a flat roof, its durability is counted for decades. Yet improper maintenance, occasional damage, or just heavy rains can shorten that term considerably. In that case, you may need to provide a roof replacement in Lenox, MA quickly and impeccably. That’s what our technicians can do for you.

We thoroughly inspect the roof of your property to decide whether you need an overall replacement of roofing or if a simple repair will be enough to keep it intact and fully protected from leakage.

Then we can offer you our expertise to decide on the type of roofing materials for a high-quality roof replacement in Lenox, MA. There are several options in a row to choose from. Some homeowners may choose bitumen materials that are cheaper while there are good alternatives we work with. There is more information about that below.

Roofing Installation for Flat Roof Buildings in Lenox, MA

For new homes and constructions, getting high-quality roofing is one of the most tremendous problems. The roof should be reliable and durable, and it shouldn’t cost sky-high. Besides, for each homeowner, there is one feature that is crucial. We talk about the energy efficiency of the roof as it can reduce heating and electricity bills considerably.

That is what we offer in ID Flat Roof. Get reliable roofing for your flat roof construction installed by skilled technicians who can guarantee its quality and make all the work tip-top.

Consulting Services for Homeowners in Lenox, MA

Besides our practical roofing skills, we gladly share our expertise with our customers. If you need to know what type of roof is right for your home, we can help you find it. If you need advice on the maintenance and repair of your roof, we are here for you! Everything you need to know about flat roofing, our experts know.

What Makes ID Flat Roof One of the Best Roofing Contractors in Lenox, MA

Of course, our company is not the only roofing service provider in Lenox, MA. But there are some features that make our services the best choice for clients who want to get high-quality roofing services without overpaying.

  • We work exclusively with flat types of roofing. This narrows the range of our possibilities but ensures complete immersion in the problem. We know everything about a flat roof, we constantly use innovative technologies and materials, and we are looking for non-standard solutions for the individual needs of our customers.
  • We have an impressive experience and a large portfolio of completed projects for the installation and replacement of flat roofs. You can see examples of our work on our website.
  • We do not disregard even small requests. If you just need to repair a small area of the roof, we are ready to help you.
  • Our prices are reasonable. We give an accurate price calculation immediately after inspecting and diagnosing the condition of the roof.
  • Our crews work in all areas of Lenox, MA.

What Types of Flat Roofs We Work With

Our specialists were trained to work with high-tech types of flat roofs, including the installation of PVC-membrane roofing, polymer coatings, bituminous roofing, and other types that are actively used in modern construction and repair. We do not refuse to provide services in the field of replacement and repair of classic types of roofs, such as metal tiles or slate roofs, so you are welcome to apply for them in ID Flat Roof. We provide you with a full range of services, including the following:

  • calculation of the estimated cost of replacing or installing a roof of your chosen type,
  • assistance in the selection and purchase of materials for the roof,
  • inspection of the old roof and diagnosis of its leaks using modern methods and techniques,
  • repair and replacement of part of the roof to restore its integrity,
  • complete replacement of the roof of private and commercial property, regardless of the roofing area,
  • installation of a roof on building objects of any height and area.

Our masters will quickly arrive at your site to conduct an initial inspection and calculate the amount of work required. And you can always count on our support and advice. All you need for this is to contact our managers in a way convenient for you.

Among other strong qualities if PVC Roof System such as great looks and lifetime warranty comes very wide variety of its accessories, colors and footprints. Even though white is the most popular color due to its reflecting properties, not everybody likes it, or simply cannot install it. For example we had one client who could not use white roof because it would blind people passing through the hill near his house. That’s why it came up with the wide range of colors (full color chart could be found here).

This article describes installation of the pvc membranes – basically it is the same membrane only it has the image of the architectural shingles printed on them. The owner of the recently built house in Lenox, MA decided that he wanted to build the screened porch with flat roof and to match gray shingles on the main house we decided to go with Gray PVC Membrane.

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roofing lenox ma

It has very similar installation procedure to the regular PVC membrane (mechanically attached with two inch barbed plates over ½ inch fan fold insulation) except for the fact that it’s welded right to the drip edge, unlike regular membrane, were drip edge goes over and then 6 inch stripes are welded on top. In case of PVC Membrane it can’t be done because it would break the pattern of shingles.

The wall flashing is done with the same membrane and 10 inches up to the wall so it could be covered with the siding board to make it completely watertight.

Even from a short distance it is hard to tell the difference between real shingles and the one painted on the membrane. Another thing worth mentioning is that the whole project was done in one day with temperature being 18 degrees Fahrenheit – it shows that because PVC roofs are hot air welded rather than glued they can be installed all year round unlike EPDM rubber.

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installation of the IB Traditions

This combination of positive qualities makes ID Flat Roof one of the best contractors in the area. You can also read reviews about our work left by the company’s clients. They speak better than any words about the professionalism and quality of our work.

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